Earn Online

Hey, it’s Trevor Hefford, founder of Stoic Sales Minds.

If you’re looking for an exciting new way to earn a part-time or full-time income that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, and live on your own time schedule… I may have the perfect opportunity for you.

The role is to work as a remote researcher.

The business problem you’ll solve…

It’s never easy for companies to hire good account executives and business development reps because they’re already employed, kicking butt, and hitting quota.

And just when employers think they’ve hired someone good, they don’t produce, so they end up letting them go. Back to square one!

That’s why I founded Stoic Sales Minds. And that’s why I need YOU!

Work Remotely

Your job will be for YOU to help ME find resourceful, resilient, and relentless sales reps on LinkedIn for my clients, so their software and Internet businesses can grow.

To do the work, all you’ll need is a laptop, a mobile phone, a wifi connection, and a LinkedIn account.

The best part of the gig is…

You’re completely free to schedule your workday as you please…

No more commutes, no more suits, no more quotas… and no more bosses.

You’ll get to live on own schedule. This means you can be where you want to be, and you can live life completely on your own terms.

Work from home, work from a cafe, work from the cottage.

Best of all…

Once you sign up, you’ll be up and running the same day and searching for sales business development reps and account executives for my clients. If you work hard, you’ll be earning in as early as one month. 

What You Need

6 months to 1 year of of sales, marketing, or recruiting experience    

What You DON’T Have to Do

You DON’T have to find customers.

You DON’T have to talk with my customers. 

You DON’T have to post job ads.

You DON’T have to replace candidates who quit.

Here’s How Researching Works

1.) You’ll receive a detailed job description from me via email.

2.) You’ll search for business development reps and account executives from software and Internet companies mostly in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada via LinkedIn. These companies range in size from 10 employees to 100 employees. You’ll share the job description with potential candidates privately. If they’re interested in the role, you’ll do a phone interview. 

3.) You’ll then send their profiles to me with a short email summary of why they might be a good fit. I will send details of what’s expected in the summary. Things like, their current sales quota, deal size and why they’d be willing to leave their current company. Once we both interview the candidate and agree he/she is a potential fit, I will send their profile with our combined summaries to my client.

4.) Whenever you send me a rep who gets hired, we both get paid from my client(s). You will be paid within 30 days from your new hire’s official start date.

How Much You Get Paid

You’ll earn a 33% commission for every sales rep you source via LinkedIn messenger or InMail who gets hired by my clients.

Do I Get Benefits?

You’re an independent contractor working for yourself. You will not receive any benefits like health care, dental, pension, etc. You’ll be responsible for your own laptop, internet connection, and LinkedIn business premium membership.

The costs is $31.00 (USD) per month for a 12 month Business Premium membership or you can pay $48.00 (USD) for a month to month membership. If you decide remote researching isn’t for you, you can ask LinkedIn for refund for any remaining months you have left on your 12 month membership.

This is a strictly commission based researcher role. 

You are 100% responsible for paying your own personal income taxes for any commissions earned through us.

Working Hours

Work whenever you want, wherever you want.

Work Expectations

Send us qualified and interested candidates for each sales job. The more qualified candidates you send, the greater chance one will get hired and you’ll earn more commissions. This is quality over quantity work. Our clients only accept the best. Your goal is to place one, to two sales reps per month. Work hard, work fast, and work anywhere, any time.

Still here? Good.

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