What’s Your S.I.N. Offer?

Many moons ago, back in my scuba diving days, I found myself in Puerto Galera, one of the 7,641 islands which make up the Philippines.

If you’ve never had the unique pleasure of visiting THE PI, the island nation is a dive mecca and home to some of the most diverse marine life on earth, among some LESS THAN SAVORY things.

What kind of unsavory things, you ask?

One night on the idyllic island… a Canadian (that’s me), an American, and a Brit (no joke) had just filled our bellies with seafood and San Miguel at Capt’n Greggs… a restaurant, hotel, and dive school all rolled into one, located smack dab on the beach.

Upon finishing our feast, we agreed a beach stroll would be a nice way to cap off the night.

As we walked a mile down the peaceful, uninhabited shore, enjoying the soft warm sand squish through our toes, we joked and laughed about the hard-ass dive instructor/ proprietor of Capt’n Gregg’s resort.

Then something unforgettable happened…

Straight ahead, 50 feet in front of us appeared a dark shadowy figure totting a shotgun.

Upon seeing us, the stranger rubbernecked 45 degrees away from his ‘sea watch’ toward us. We were in his crosshairs.

As our eyes adjusted to the darkness, we could make out his features…

He was a Filipino security guard. The same kind you’d see inside a 7-11 store in metro Manilla, NOT on a remote island paradise.

My hear stopped racing, so I rhetorically asked him …

“What are you doing way out here? “

He replied…

“Protecting you. I work for Capt’n Gregg’s”

He began to tell us how pirates used speedboats to kidnap foreign tourists on islands like Puerto Galera…

And how the hostage takers would whisk their captives off to secret jungle hiding spots…

And how they’d hold their victims at ransom until money was wired from bank accounts in Canada, America, and Britain from distraught and desperate loved ones.

Enlightened and appreciative we thanked him profusely for watching our backs and we skedaddled back to the resort.

Yes, there is a business lesson here.

And that lesson is this:

Capt’n Gregg’s has a S.I.N. offer.

What’s a S.I.N offer you ask?

It’s a superior, irresistible, no brainer offer.

That being…

When you stay at Capt’n Gregg’s (unlike most remote island resorts in THE PI) you’re safe. And you can’t put a price tag on safety. So, why stay anywhere else?

More S.I.N. offers…

Get a 90 day return policy, no questions asked – Costco

Get 24/7/365 Live Chat SUPPORT with less than 1 minute wait times – WPX Hosting

Get your pizza FOR FREE, if your delivery takes more than 30 minutes – Dominos Pizza.

Nothing beats a S.I.N. offer.

Got a business?

What’s yours?