What’s the fastest way to get in front of B2B buyers?

This, in three words, is the new strategic selling.

Find Twenty PWM.

That’s… players with money.

Find twenty bonafide buyers spending money with competitors, with recent funding, or with five to fifty roles to fill.

All three criteria are your golden goose, but just one will do.

PWM will give you 10 minutes because they have a BEAST to feed. That beast is their profit and shareholders.

PWM have no time for incremental growth.

When you sell to them you’ll seldom hear…

We don’t have budget, or we’ll consider it next year.

Because PWM are laser focused on exponential growth.

So go right after your twenty PWM with tact and haste.

How to find twenty PWM?

1.) For competitors visit Owler.

2.) For funding go to Crunchbase.

3.) For hiring check career sites.

Still can’t find twenty PWM?

1.) Ask your manager.

2.) Barter with reps.

3.) Switch employers. (last resort)

In three days from now, this advice will be so common as to be boring.

Today, it’s almost certainly the opposite of what 80% of sales reps are doing.

You know…

Alphabetical order prospecting, incremental selling, and 57% not hitting quota.

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