What’s the difference between customer satisfaction and loyalty?

It’s easy to confuse customer satisfaction with customer loyalty.

A satisfied customer says, “we’ll buy from you.”

A loyal customer says, “we’ll buy only from you.”

Loyalty is the holy grail in sales.

This is why 22% of companies change vendors when their account manager leaves.

How I create loyalty:

1.) Be brutally honest. Even if I don’t get the up-sell or cross-sell.

2.) Give killer service. I check in monthly by phone or their preferred method of contact.

3.) Update clients daily on issues they need fixed. Even if my company hasn’t resolved them yet.

4.) Set expectations early and often around changes in price, service, terms, implementation, training, and people so there are never surprises.


Instead of trying to get them interested in me… I get interested in them.

Little hinges swing big doors.

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