What’s the difference between asking and inviting?

Ever think about how much we “ask” when we’re doing outbound sales calls?

The problem with asking too soon is it creates sales friction…

For instance…

“Could I ask you a few questions about your business?” (intrusive)

“Would you like a demo of our software?” (assumptive)

“When is the best day to get 15 minutes on your calendar?” (aggressive)

Asking puts demands on our prospects to open up, or give us a specific answer. (without a relationship being built first)

Instead of an ASK, start with an INVITE…

Here’s why:

Inviting is a friendly request for them to read, listen, watch, attend, or participate in something free and specific to their business.

When you invite you won’t be seen as that pushy sales rep trying to pin them down for an answer.

For instance…

“I’m doing a demo next week to show how to solve problem ABC. Could I send you the invite?” (including)

“I have a case study about problem CDE. Possible to email it to you? (including)

There’s a video we created about problem FGH. Could I share the link?” (sharing)

When you call prospects to invite instead of to ask, you naturally create value instead of inadvertently creating friction.

You’d be surprised how much your prospects open up too.

think about how much you ask versus invite when cold calling

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