What’s the best way to handle sales objections?

There’s nothing I hate more in sales than objections.

Once it happens… I’m in an uphill battle for the business.


Whenever I’m talking to a prospect I like to reveal damaging admissions about my service.

Remember the Buckleys slogan…”It tastes awful. And it works.”

That’s a damaging admission!

Here’s the thing…

Prospects tend to like and trust sellers who “open up” about themselves and reveal their vulnerabilities.

They’re not particularly fond of sales reps who don’t open up, or worse yet, brag.

So, if I reveal a few damaging admissions I come across as authentic, likeable, and credible. And I get the business without friction.

For example…

I’m not the cheapest. Here’s why…

I’m not a big company. Here’s why….

By dropping damaging admissions often and early…

I avoid the OBJECTIONFEST later…

Sound like a stretch?

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