What’s the best way to ask a prospect for a demo?

Three ways a sales rep can ask their prospect for a demo:

1.) Would you like to see a demo tomorrow?

2.) Would you like to see a demo tomorrow? Because my schedule is wide open.

3.) Would you like to see a demo tomorrow? Because next week you mentioned you’re on vacation.

1 gives no justification for a demo tomorrow. It’s simply an ask.

2 gives justification for a demo tomorrow, but your prospect could care less about your schedule.

3 gives a strong justification for a demo tomorrow, or they’ll have to wait until they return from vacation. This ‘justification’ gauges their level of interest/urgency.

Point is…

When a prospect hears a trigger word like ‘because’, it helps them assign a reason. Positive or negative.

This is okay, since because + your reason uncovers hidden objections early. You want objections, or you can’t sell.

Selling situations when you need justification. (because)

“Our membership fee is A, because of B.”

“Our software doesn’t do C, because of D.”

“Our guarantee is E, because of F.”

The secret of selling lies in the organization of the non-obvious.

Prospecting for a sales demo tip

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