What’s FUD in selling?

February 9, 2019

Are you using FUD in your sales outreach?

FUD, or fear, uncertainty, and doubt, is an old school selling method companies use to get their prospects to stop, think, and change their behaviour.

FUD goes like this…

“Buy this virus software so your computer doesn’t get hacked.”

“You can try using X instead of our product, but you may lose all your data.”

Today’s customers buy, they don’t want to be sold.

And they don’t buy into scare tactics like the old-school FUD approach.

Avoid FUD and do these 3 things instead:

1. Use sales messages and stories that show empathy for your customer. Don’t tell your prospect what you do. Instead, tell them why you exist and how your mission helps them solve a business problem.

2. Have a 15 second value prop that differentiates you from your top 3 competitors. Trust me, your prospects are speaking with them.

3. Show your domain experience in your niche. Share social proof of authority, credibility, and customer references.

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