What’s a pitch day?

We’re all very hypocritical, aren’t we?

We despise sales reps who call us at home to pitch us stuff.

We despise sales reps who interrupt our workday.

Yet we ALL want our “own” sales teams to GO OUT and SELL. Make 50 cold calls a day. Don’t take no for an answer. Never give up! Celebrate if you close. Ring the bell!

What if we created “pitch days?”

1 day once per week where us “decision makers” allocated 15 minutes in our biz calendars for 5 sales reps to fill up ..

Just 15 minutes…

On pitch days we gave each sales rep 3 minutes to share their solution to problem they perceive us having.

Just high level stuff to create awareness, no discovery yet. Kind of like a Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank for the B2B world…

A decision maker would block off 3 minutes in their calendar for 5 sales reps each Friday to listen to what they’ve got.

Ideas that resonate get call backs.

Ideas that don’t won’t.

After all…

We’re all selling something, aren’t we?

And we’ve all got business problems to solve…

Couldn’t we just give 3 minutes to a sales rep in a structured, uninterrupted format who might help us fix them?