What things can I control as a sales rep?

In sales there are some things I can control.

How I prepare.

How I respond.

How I follow up.

How hard I work.

Even still…

It’s unlikely I’ll get more than a disproportionate number of call backs from all the voice mails I’ll leave, emails I’ll send, or offers I’ll make.

This means I’m going to have to fight tooth and nail to close every single deal this year.

But before I get too hung up about my target, my attainment, and my job security… I remind myself of these three things:

First: Be grateful I’ve actually woken up, many people will not have this luxury today.

Second: Relentlessly prune non-revenue generating activities. It’s perfectly okay for me to be selfish of the few hours of selling time I have each day.

Third: Remind myself that the only things I can control are my thoughts and my actions. Things like the exact day my prospect decides to sign… are mostly beyond my control.

The wise seller does not complain about the things which he has not… but cherishes those which he has.

Whats in your control as a sales rep

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