What percentage of my market is buying right now?

At any given moment… in any given territory…

3% of the market is buying, 40% are almost ready to buy, and 56% aren’t ready.

Yet, here’s what’s happening… (too often)

The majority of sellers are getting caught off guard… in last minute street fights for a teeny tiny piece of that 3%.

Wouldn’t it make better sense to put more focus on the 96 percent?

Because this is a huge underserved market.

And going upstream early has its privileges.

Just a few:

Sellers “first in” can build value over time.

Sellers “first in” have time to do proper discovery.

Sellers “first in” can customize their decks.

Sellers “first in” have time to win over 5.4 decision makers.

Sellers “first in” enjoy pre-existing relationships.

Sellers “first in” win big deals and RFPs by default.

Best of all…

When you apply ridiculous focus to the 96 you’ll win a bigger chunk of the 3.

Some sellers practice instant gratification. Others don’t seek it at all.

Be the latter.

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