What is the most effective cold call script structure?

Learned this sales script from John Carlton, the legendary copywriter.

It’s called “The Bar Conversation.”

It goes like this…

Imagine you’re in the bar and you happen to be sitting beside your ideal prospect (who you don’t know yet).

The bartender says to your prospect…

“How was your day, Ken?”

Ken responds…

“I’m having a tough time hiring a good sales rep.”

You casually say…

Hey Ken. I’m Trevor.

You know…

It’s never easy finding good sales reps because they’re already employed, kicking butt, and hitting quota.

And just when you think you’ve hired someone good, they don’t produce, so you end up letting them go. Back to square one!

I help companies hire stoic sales reps so their business can grow.

And I carried a sales quota for ten years so it takes one to know one!

We should chat next week.

Heres the “Bar Conversation” formula:

Here’s who I am.

Here’s what I have.

Here’s why you want it.

Here’s what you need to do next.

Speak like a friend.

Wait for his response.

You’ll get a yes or a no.

If your prospect says “yes,” qualify and close on a next step. A deeper conversation.

If your prospect says “no,” thank him for listening and move on to prospect #2.

P.S:  If you’d like me to scout some stoic sales reps for your business… tell me a little about your role and I’ll share 3 profiles of sales reps who are interested.

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Talking sales in the bar