What is one trick I can use to communicate better with prospects?

25% of salespeople majored in business.The second most popular major? The college of life. 17% never attended college.

This leaves 58% of sales reps with degrees in things like History, Psychology, Sociology, and Poly Science.

If you fall into the 58% category realize this…

For four straight years you wrote term papers, listened to lectures, and were force-fed four syllable words.

Yes, you earned your piece of paper, but you’re a seller now, not a scholar.

That same piece of writing that earned you an A on your college midterm…

Would now get flagged as spam or deleted by your prospect.

So ditch the academic words and retrain your brain to communicate like a 10 year old.

Email prospects like you’re texting your buddy (without the profanities).

Because here’s the thing…

Prospects understand a whopping 90% of what they’re reading… when you speak in 14 words or less.

Or worse…

Prospects understand less than 10% when your sentences go up to 43 words.

Yes 10%.

If you expect to sell, then quell. (words that is)

A trick to communicate with prospects

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