What Are Fake Benefits In Selling?

The no-brainer rule for sales reps is to talk benefits, not features.

It always applies, except when it doesn’t.


“Mr. Prospect. Our software contains an artificial intelligence algorithm.”

Fact Check: Is this really AI or just humans in a back office?

“Ms. Prospect. Our call centre is onshore.”

Fact Check: Is this really onshore 24/365, or is it offshored evenings and weekends?

Fake benefit selling reminds me of the ex door-to-door sales rep for Bell Canada.

Memba him?

The guy who felt guilty because he misled customers on price to products, because he was under pressure to meet quotas and earn commission. A sacrificial lamb of the sales profession.

Fake Benefits = Gotcha moments

Gotcha moments = Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse = Customer Churn

Fake benefits are like clickbait. And nobody likes that.

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