Should I leave my prospect a voicemail or hang up?

Every day I get 5-7 calls from unfamiliar numbers.

I rarely pick up.


Because friends, family, and customers leave messages when they can’t reach me. Telemarketers almost never.

Telemarketers have conditioned me to not pick up my phone.

Because when I do, I get pitched. Not fun.


If you think voice messages aren’t effective, what message are you sending prospects when you DO NOT leave them?

Prospect recognizes your number.

Prospect ignores your number.

Prospect blocks your number.

When you rethink voicemail and start sending quality ones…

You create awareness and build value and goodwill over time

Savvy marketers buy advertising to build value + goodwill with custom audiences to achieve this.

You can do the exact same thing for free.


You can keep hanging up.

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