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Here’s how I can help you recruit stoic sales executives… so your business scales!


 Get free profiles of phone screened sales execs

  No payment until their first day of work. 

√  Fees & Guarantees: 20% (3 months), 25% (6 months) of base salary.

Roles: BDR, AM, AE, BDM, Director, VP of Sales

Resourceful, resilient, and relentless sales executives

I’ve worked in the sales trenches for 20 years at startups and big companies selling advertising and software to Fortune 1,000. It takes a stoic sales exec to know one.


√  Sales execs who can overcome all obstacles and consistently hit their sales targets despite the competition or the economy. Nothing is more frustrating than hiring a smart, educated, and experienced sales rep only to learn they lack something as critical as drive.

√ Sales execs who will persuade a prospect to break with the status quo, then build a business case to lead them down a benefit driven buying path. Hiring a sales rep who isn’t persuasive will leave you with that sinking feeling in your stomach that you’ve made a catastrophic hire.

√  Sales execs who are unfazed by rejection, can manage difficult clients, and aren’t afraid to challenge their clients, coworkers, or managers. Confidence breeds confidence. Don’t be surprised if this positive behaviour becomes contagious within your entire sales team.

√ Sales execs who will build relationships based on honesty, fairness, and empathy. They have the ability to not only build new client relationships but can also diagnose ones that are broken. Knowing you’ve hired a relationship builder and fixer will free you up to work on strategic projects not having to be stuck resuscitating broken customer relationships that no-one else can.

√ Sales execs who are task oriented and methodical. They follow up on every opportunity and leave no stone unturned because they’re organized. There’s nothing worse than hiring a disorganized sales rep whose problems eventually become yours. They’ll give you migraines and you’ll soon resent them for it.


If your new sales exec hits their annual quota it’s estimated you’ll recover your hiring investment in just 9 selling days.

How is this calculated?

The average annual quota for a sales executive at a SaaS startup is between $250,000 to $500,000 per year.

If we take a $500,000 quota / 230 average working days per year after vacations and days off  this comes to $2,173 per day in gross sales.

Assuming an 80% gross margin at a true SaaS start up on $2,173 in gross sales per day is $1,739 in net sales per day.

Divide your $15,000 by $1,739 in net sales per day.

This is 9 selling days to recoup your $15,000. (20% fee on a $75K base sales role)

Disclaimer: Past employee performance may not be indicative of future performance. This is why we offer you one free replacement if your new employee  happens to resign within 9 months.
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