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During this class, you’ll learn:

How to engage strangers quickly without creating sales resistance.

How to create demand for your products instead of chasing demand.

How to use LinkedIn to stay in front of buyers, the moment they raise their hand.

How to create instant curiosity on calls, voice messages, email, and texts.

How to influence prospects by destroying their false beliefs about your product.

How to nurture them easily and consistently, then convert them into believers.

How to make irresistible offers to potential clients through value stacking.

How to generate new business on time, at full price, without pressure.

What Makes S.S.M. So Different?

When your latest and greatest sales tactics fail and you can’t generate new business.. it’s time to THINK STOIC. 

The Stoic Sales Method (S.S.M.) is not just another here today, gone tomorrow sales training. S.S.M. empowers YOU to become a resourceful, resilient, and relentless seller, so you can close more bigger deals faster.

The S.S.M. is evergreen. Stoic principals have been practiced by successful leaders since 301 BC. In today’s ultra-competitive market, having a  stoic selling mindset is more vital to your sales success than ever.

The S.S.M. will teach you to be unstoppable through step-by-step mastery of EIGHT stoic selling methods. Turbo-charge your sales game and slash resistance during the sales cycle, by enrolling in the S.S.M. today.

The eight essential methods we teach in this one-of-a-kind, online masterclass are tactful, psychological, and trustworthy. Priceless education for anyone who sells for a living.

Stop struggling, feeling overwhelmed, and spinning your wheels through sales cycles…  Learn to sell like a stoic today.

“I shared your advice with my director of sales today. He not only agrees, he’s already discussed this with the appropriate people, and it looks like I’ll be getting the content I need to send to prospects. It’s already in the pipeline!”  – Matej Ristic, Business Development Manager – Viareport

“I’ve only been in a KAM role for just over a year. Your tips have been helpful. Thank you.”

Michael S. Key Account manager | LG Electronics

“My manager recommended that I connect with you in order to follow your sales advice.”

Joshua M. Business Development Consultant | Moneris

“Big fan of your content. It’s always valuable and insightful. Please keep writing!”

Connor L. Commercial Account Manager | Cisco

“Really appreciate your posts. Genuine, apt, and always helpful. Keep it up.”

Joseph Gougeon Account Executive | Indeed

“Explored examples of your thought leadership around the art of sales. Enjoyed your material.”

Jeremy R. Strategic Account Executive | Viafoura

“I love your posts as well, very fact heavy which I like.”

Cory L. Senior District Manager | ADP


Disclaimer: These are examples of actual sales professionals who follow, like, comment, and share my stoic selling insights. However, they are not meant to be, nor are they, promises or guarantees of the results you will experience in my stoic sales method course.

Price: $750 Per Student

(Minimum  5 Students Per Group Class)



You have a full 30 days to see if The Stoic Sales Method is right for you. If you try it, and decide it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll cheerfully give you a FULL REFUND!
Listen, there is no such thing as “easy money” in professional sales. In fact, if you believe that or are looking for some “overnight commissions”, our training is not for you. We hate this approach to selling and business growth. We believe in time-tested, proven selling methods combined with powerful teaching and lots of hard work. The comments you see on this site are sales professionals who follow the sales strategies I teach and use them in their own business. They are not promises of the results you will get. As stated by law, we cannot and do not make any claims or guarantees about your ability to make more sales or commissions with our selling approach. Simply put, We do not know you, your business model or your ability to implement my methods and follow through. Nothing on this page, or this website, or any of our blogs or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of specific results or future earnings. What we can promise is our commitment to delivering to you our selling methods and programs with the highest level of excellence. We stand behind the quality of our education and service with a full 30-day money back guarantee. As for the outcomes and the level of success you realize, it is completely up to you.