Is cold calling dead?

If cold calling is dead, we must also say…

Email is dead.

Texting is dead.

Social is dead.

Here’s why:

The phone is a tool to communicate your offer to your prospect.

If your offer doesn’t add value, don’t blame the phone.

Yes, a cold call is an interruption in your prospect’s day…

But so is an unsolicited email, a LinkedIn message, or a pop up ad.

Bottom line is:

If you’re not sharing ideas…

Or making tiny little invites…

To help your prospects move one step closer to making money, saving money, or saving time…

Then you won’t sell a thing over the phone.

If that’s the case…

Then “yes” cold calling is dead. As are email, text, and social.

But if you ARE creating value…

Then a live human to human conversation is the single most powerful way to connect with prospects. Bar none!

Whether you enjoy instigating and sustaining phone conversations is another thing entirely.

If not…

You’re better off working in marketing.

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