How to reach your prospect in 2 calls NOT 18

A 2019 sales report shows it now takes 18 calls to reach your prospect.

Here’s how to cut those 18 calls to 2…


1 First, follow your prospect first on LinkedIn. Don’t connect yet.  If you try to connect, they’ll reject you. (because they don’t know, like, or trust you)

2. Next, even if you’re still a 2nd or 3rd degree connection, make at least 3 short, thoughtful comments on at least three of their LinkedIn posts or shares. (so they know you’re paying attention to what they’re saying)

P.S: If your prospect is NOT commenting, sharing, or posting on LinkedIn then prioritize prospects who are. Because, they’re more social… and 50% more likely to connect, listen, and speak with you.

3. Now, send them a LI connection request. (so they can put a face and job title to your likes and/or comments)

4. Share at least three 3rd party articles on your LinkedIn feed that will resonate with them. For example, “The Top 3 Challenges Every (insert their job title) Will Face In 2019.” (so they know you know their world)

5. Call and ask their permission to send over a video, case study, white paper, infographic, e-book, etc that addresses an industry problem they might be facing. (so they know you respect their inbox privacy)

6. Call and invite them to a webinar, lunch and learn, or a demo you’re doing next week on “X”. (so they know you’re including them)

If required, cherry pick ideas from steps 5, and 6 and alternate these calls with email, LI messaging, or text. (if you still haven’t reached them.)

If it still takes you 18 calls to reach them, you’re probably pitching.

Don’t pitch EVER!

Because people love to buy. They hate to be sold.

P.S:  If you’d like me to scout some stoic sales reps for your business… tell me a little about your role and I’ll share 3 profiles of sales reps who are interested.