How to Hire Sales Reps Who Produce NOT Just Collect A Pay Cheque

Do you know what’s better than offering a high base salary to attract your next sales rep?

No, it’s not commissions. Try again…

It’s growth.

After interviewing hundreds of sales reps the most driven ones tell me their single biggest reason for joining a company is career growth.  

Here’s what I mean…

The average annual salaries of your 3 closest competitors fall within $5K – $10K of what you’re offering. 

After income taxes, this pay difference on a sales reps cheque is peanuts compared with their commissions earning potential.

So, do you offer a higher salary to a sales candidate who asks for more?

In my experience no sales rep worth hiring would let base salary alone sway their decision to accept your job offer. 

This is because the best sales reps only choose companies based on career growth opportunity not a measly base salary. 

So, when you talk with them, get them excited about an attainable promotion ladder.

For instance…

“Hey John, most new sales reps spend 2 years in an SMB role before moving up to a mid-market position. Then if they perform, they’re promoted to an enterprise level within 5 years. That’s where the big earnings are.”

If you’ve promoted a specific number of SMB sales reps into mid-market, and/or senior roles, let your candidates know.

The ones who are driven and most likely to produce will find this growth opportunity irresistible.

P.S: Whenever you’re ready… here’s how I can help you hire sales reps so your business grows.