How To Get Prospects To Open Your Emails Without Sounding Spammy And Stalky?

So a lot of sales reps are using email open tracking.

But what about email scheduling?

If studies show the best times to reach prospects are between 8-9 am and 4-5 pm…

Why would you send emails any other time? The more we prospect outside our control, the less opportunities we create.

Sending out cold emails at those times is far more effective than manually sending through the day.

Now here’s the thing…

If you want to increase your chances of connecting with them… then do this:

1. Batch send a bunch of cold emails to qualified people
2. Use an open tracker or sales CRM like Copper or YesWare to see which recipients actually open the email.
3. When they open that email call them.

Some sales reps the moment, they get a notification their prospect has opened it.

I prefer not to do this. Its kind of stalky behaviour.

Just because someone opened your email doesn’t mean that they care about what you sent them, that they’re interested, or that they even read the email. Many people open an email only to delete it.

You may have just had a a really good subject header, your messaged didn’t interest them.

But HOW can’t tell if your message interested them can you.

As far as I know there isn’t heatmapping software out there that shows how much of your email they read. Wish there was!

So, I personally wouldn’t call immediately after your email is open.

Some sales reps might get wise and say…

Well, what if I included a link and they clicked it? That would be a sign they’re interested and justify calling them.

That could be true. But I don’t put links in cold emails. I get permission first. When you do…. it’s spammy.

So you don’t want to be a stalker by calling the second they open your email.
And you don’t want to be spammy by including a link…

So, what’s the point of sending them the email then if you have no way to know if they’re interested in your message.


Wait for a response.

Now I’m not suggesting waiting a day, or a week… Because if you don’t get a response within an hour of them opening it, it’s unlikely you will get one later..

Ideally you want to get a response within an hour of them opening it…

If you don’t, I’d guess your email doesn’t create curiosity.

It could also be too long.

It could be too pitchy.

It could require them to take a next step they’re not ready for yet. Like asking the for a discovery call or demo. Or telling them to call you.

There are a host of reasons why they don’t respond.

If you the kind of sales rep who wants to take matters into your own hands and find out if they’re really interested or not… be careful…

When you call them… and ask about the email you sent them…. you might get these two responses:

Response #1: “I didn’t get any email from you.”

Response #2: “I saw your email, but I’m not interested.”

And then what?

You have to pitch yourself again…


You start overcoming objections, which creates sales resistance. Remember, they weren’t interested, which is why they didn’t respond in the first place….

Be careful with the follow up call.

Bottom line:

When you call a prospect who opened your email, don’t have a lot of expectations. Don’t act based on your best-case assumptions

That they opened it and even read it.

That they opened it and were even interested.

That they can even connect the email with your name, company and product when you call…

Ideally when prospecting by email you want to get a response from your email. That’s the point of sending it.

You shouldn’t have to follow up with a phone call.

What makes you think they’ll respond more positively through a cold call?

Point is…

Just keep sending emails with actionable insight, and build awareness and good will with prospects over time. That way they get to know, like and trust you.

Ask permission to share links.

Send them invites to stuff, like webinars, lunch and learns, events…

Show value. Be cool.

Don’t be spammy and don’t be stalky…