How To Consume 50 Books A Year Without Reading

Did you know the average CEO reads 50 books per year while the average employee reads just 12?

In this blog post I’m going to show how you…

How you can gobble up the knowledge of 50 books in one year – without having to read a single page.

If you’re like me, carving out one solid hour every single day to find a quite place to read without the never ending distractions of email and social media pings, phone calls from customers, friends, and family is your single biggest deterrent to reading…

So, the larger task of being able to extract the golden nuggets of 50 best selling business books in one year sounds extremely daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Books Will Make You Smart And Magnetic To Money

If you’re serious about rising to the top in your marketplace, you MUST consume and apply a TON of knowledge every day

If you’ve been struggling to find a way to massively level up your book reading proficiency because you know it’s IMPOSSIBLE to succeed without filling your mind with knowledge that can will turn you into an expert and give you endless income, you’re NOT alone.

I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this!

And I’ll show you what I’ve been learning and how I’m using it to hit my goal of consuming 50 books per year without reading. 

Media Companies Don’t Want You To Read Books

Did you know the big media companies and advertisers are doing EVERYTHING they can to distract you from reading books.

And they’re using stealth marketing tactics like retargeting you constantly with their ads and constantly sending you emails and pings promoting their upcoming movies or television shows. 

And THIS is all done so they can keep us glued to their channels via mobile, desktop and TV boxes consuming their ads… Did you know that the average American watches nearly 5 hours of television per day?

If you’ve ever thought that these media companies want to keep you in a passive, even comatose state, you’re probably right!

When you’re viewing their content you’re NOT creating imagery in your brain, you’re simply allowing images to be spoon fed to you.

Punt Your Brain Out Of Passive Mode

When you’re watching TV your brain is in passive mode so you’re WAY MORE open to suggestions.

This means you’re not using your mind and you’re more susceptible to peoples opinions and advertising.

Take YouTube for example. When you’re watching Youtube, you’re forced to consume all of those ads that flash in front of you every several minutes while you’re watching videos.

Now I know they’re only 5 seconds, but if you skip them they’re penetrating into your psyche. They’re not only an irritation, but their a distraction and often frazzle your brain. 

The difference between consuming the knowledge of books and watching Netflix, or Reality TV or even television news is that when you actually start consuming books you start learning, and conceptualizing… and this translates into opportunities for you to develop your mind which translates into high income skills.

Just imagine if you could consume 50 books per year on 1 or two business topics?

How much smarter would you be in those business subjects? How much more could you earn?

You’d probably be more knowledgeable than your boss!

How would your life change?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Mark Cuban devour books. They’re all pretty smart right?

Today I want to show you how to make 50 books a goal easily and effortlessly.

My goal for this blog post is to show you that…

1.) The ONLY WAY to exponentially increase your knowledge and skills is through audiobooks. 

2.) The ONLY WAY TO consume audiobooks is through Audible.

About Me

My name is Trevor Hefford, and I’m an employee turned entrepreneur. I used to work as a sales rep, but after several years, I got sick and tired of being a teeny tiny cog in a large corporate wheel so quit my $185,000 sales job to build my own personal revenue engine.

It hasn’t been easy building an business where I have the luxury of working from home and am in complete control of my day… but the beauty of starting a business is… I have developed so many great skills that I would have never learned working for a corporation.

You could say I’ve been drinking through the firehose for about 2 years trying to build my company.

Many people have been asking me about how to build a business from scratch, so I thought it would be helpful to start sharing all of my learnings, the good, the bad and the ugly about entrepreneurship with anyone who longs to transition from employee to entrepreneur, just like I have…

And that transition begins first with KNOWLEDGE. And knowledge begins and ends with BOOKS!

Okay, let’s get back to my goal of consuming 50 books in just one year without having to read a single word.

Honestly, I’m not that fast of a reader, so audiobooks make total sense to me!

Hopefully you’re here because you want to consume 50 books a year too. If not, then stop reading this blog post now and switch back to Netflix.

Let me share three secrets that will allow you to consume 50 books a year easily.

Secret #1 You Can Consume Twice As Many Books By Switching From Reading To Listening.

Now let me tell you a little story…

10 years ago while I was living in Seoul, Korea I had friend named Todd.

Todd was an avid reader. I mean this guy loved to read. He’d carry a book in his back pocket constantly. Often he’d rip his back left pocket because he was constantly pulling his books in and out of it.

Whenever Todd was waiting for the bus or WHENEVER he had downtime, he ‘d pull out his book and read.

I’ll bet Todd read more than 99% of the people in Korea.

In fact…

Todd consumed such a ton of knowledge reading every single day his vocabulary was NEXT LEVEL. I’m sure his healthy habit of reading is what got him into law school.


The only time I didn’t see Todd with a book was when he went hiking up small mountain near our Korean house, almost every day, which took him about an hour.

Imagine if Todd started LISTENING to books during his mountain hikes?

He’d free up an extra 5 hours per week for his favourite hobby.

That meant he could read 1 extra book per week or 4 per month or 50 per year. In addition to the 50 + I’m sure he was already reading.

That’s 100 books a year! Just by switching to audio books ONLY during his hikes. Isn’t that crazy!

I’m sure Todd would tell me he wasn’t interested in reading books while exercising, but can you see the learning opportunity for people like you and me here?

What’s great about listening to audiobooks is you can multitask.

You can exercise, clean your house, drive, whatever…. 

If you have to sit down to read, well, you can’t really do anything else, can you?  You also need a quiet place to read, with no interruptions for a whole hour.

Wouldn’t these reasons alone be worth switching to audio books? 

Now you’re probably thinking…

What if I don’t want to multitask and just want enjoy the sounds of mother nature when I hiking through the forest like Todd?

Fair enough.

Start Speed Listening

Even if you just want to sit in your big comfy chair and only focus on listening to your book… did you know that you can speed up the audio playback from 1 to 1.25 to 1.5x to 1.75x to even 2x or double the speed?

Can’t do that with a book unless you’re a speed reader. And who wants to learn that?

Amazingly, I’ve started listening to audiobooks at 2x the speed and surprisingly was actually able to understand the narration. Don’t underestimate the ADAPTABILITY of the human brain! 

Listening to audiobooks at 2X is just like speed reading and the more you speed listen at a double the playback speed… the more audio books. Twice as fast. How cool is that? 

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to listen at a faster speed or even multitask while listening to your audiobook.

Let me ask you a question?

How long do you think you could sit down and physically read before getting tired or bored of it? Most people can read for about an hour. Bill Gates reads an hour a day.

But I’ll bet you could easily sit through a 1.5 or two hour movie without getting tired.

Same goes for listening to audio books.

You could most likely listen for much longer than an hour, right?

Because listening is passive, not active like reading.

You don’t have to do the work of reading. Like moving your eyes back and forth, turning pages, and sounding out words.  

With audiobooks the narrator does all of that work for you!

That’s why you can listen much longer than you can read. Listening allows you to consume more books faster.

The ROI Of Audiobooks

I read and walk every morning for 1 hour. Not only do I get my exercise in for the day while listening to my audiobook, but I can consume 1-2 books per week because I’ve conditioned myself to listen at 1.75 to 2x the audio speed! 

So, now I’ve show you how to can consume up to twice as many books by listening to them versus reading them by multitasking, by speed listening, and by being able to focus much longer on your book because you’re listening which takes less mental effort than reading.

I just started an audiobook called “Hiring For Attitude” this morning that will take me 5 hours and 17 minutes to listen to. If I listen to it for one hour while walking and 30 minutes while driving or exercising then In 3.5 days I’ll have it done. That’s one book per week or 50 books per year. Pretty neat eh?

Secret #2 You Can Retain As Much Knowledge Or More By Listening Instead Of Reading

In 2010 there was a comprehension experiment done with 91 college students.

Half of them were asked to listen to a 20 minute podcast about World War 2. The other group was asked to read the same passage about World War 2.

The results of the test?

Readers scored 81% and listeners scored 59%. Quite a difference. 


The material was difficult to understand and not particularly enjoyable for the students so reading was required for them to score well.

Since the content was hard and not particularly interesting to many students, they had to pause to think about what they just read, or re-read it. Hence they scored higher in comprehension because they were able to re-read words, sentences and passages.

Having to read books that have difficult words and long sentences about challenging or boring topics makes a huge difference in comprehension

Don’t Read Stuff You Don’t Like

Imagine reading a Shakespeare novel or research paper? That’s NOT easy!

But if you actually chose a book because you’re interested in the topic you could easily listen and retain just as much of it as reading.

In fact, there’s little difference between listening comprehension and reading comprehension IF the book is something you WANT TO learn. And I’d hope it is!

This reminds me of when I was 10 years old my mom wanted me to learn the piano.

I wasn’t interested, but took the lessons every week to please her.

After 3 months, I could barely play a song without hitting a bunch of wrong keys. 

However, when I was 17 I bought my first bass guitar because I wanted to learn rock songs. I spent hours on that AXE every day learning the bass lines from U2 songs. It’s because I was passionate about rock and roll. Curiosity, interest, and passion make a HUGE difference in comprehension and learning.

Here’s something else to think about…

Are you reading books to pass a test, or reading for knowledge and to develop your listening skills? 

Here’s the reality. We spend 45% of our time listening in every day life versus 16% reading.

And if you’re in sales and marketing or have a business, your job is to listen critically to your prospects and customers.

Listening is a high income skill.  Because the better you are at listening, the more you’ll be able to empathize with your prospects and offer them the best solution to their business problem.

Audiobooks and physical books or ebooks are pretty much similar in terms of reading comprehension. Reading or listening is no different than taking the bus or taking your car to the office. You’ll still get to the office, you just chose just a different transportation method.

So, now I’ve shown you how you can retain just as much knowledge by listening as reading… That being… as long as you’re interested in the topic and it wasn’t written by Shakespeare or explaining the theory of relativity. Isn’t that awesome?

For me, there’s no better way to consume audiobooks than through an membership. And that’s what I’d recommend a free trial.

Secret #3 You Can Take Amazing Notes While Listening To Books Even Without A Pad Or Pen

One of the things I’ve always done while reading (before switching to audiobooks) was to highlight the golden nuggets in books and take notes.

After all, I wanted to remember all the important lessons.

When I switched to audio books I realized there was no way to do that. 

What I accidentally learned is that, you CAN take notes while listening to audio books. Excellent notes, in fact.

One evening while talking to my wife, I said something that accidentally activated Apple’s Siri on my iphone.

I had asked my wife about the weather in Sydney Australia as we were planning a trip there.

Siri answered my question about the weather. I literally jumped out of my skin upon hearing her voice because my phone was 6 feet away on the kitchen counter. 

I checked my iphone and Siri transcribed the the answer.

Speech Recognition To The Rescue

This got me thinking…

What if while I was listening to an audiobook I could pause the book and voice dictate the golden nuggets I just learned from that book even as I listened? So I looked found an app on the i-phone. 

Since that Siri moment. I’ve been using Google docs to voice dictate key points I hear in my audiobooks. You can also use Notes, or whatever you want.

The voice dictation is flawless. Even while I’m speaking fast, as long as I enunciate correctly.

What’s even better than voice dictating from my audiobook to google docs is… after I’ve finished the audiobook I can search for a topic around all the notes I took from that book using the command find key on my Apple AirBook

This is way better, faster, and more accurate note taking than having to sift through pages upon pages of my handwritten chicken scratch notes from dozens of journals.

I can store all my notes in my i-phone instead of scouring through pages upon pages of journals to find a single idea I wrote down in a notebook.

Pretty cool, huh?

So let me ask you a question?

If you followed what I showed you in secret #1 and could consume 50 books in a year without having to physically read them, then you took what I showed you in Secret #2 and listen to through audible to retain the knowledge of those 50 books, and then you used Secret #3 to take perfect, detailed, and easy to find notes, do you think you could consume 50 books in a year, get smarter,  and get promoted or earn more money?

You’re probably wondering about the cost of audiobooks if you were to read 4 per month..

Well,  I did some research and learned the average new best selling business book on Amazon sells for about $22 USD, so $14.95 an audible book is 30% less. I recently learned that Audible is an Amazon company.

I’m thinking of moving up to the platinum audible membership where I can get 24 books in a year for just $9.50 per audiobook. I can keep my audiobooks, even if I cancel my audible subscription. I don’t lose them. And I can even exchange my audio books if I start reading one and don’t like it. Can’t beat that!

Here’s what you need to know about an AUDIBLE membership:

1.) It’s free for 30 days, 14.95 per month thereafter.

2.) You get 1 credit a month—good for any audiobook, any price.

3.) Keep your audiobooks, even if you cancel with audible. You don’t lose them.

4.) Save 30% on any additional audiobook buys.

5.)Exchange any audiobooks you don’t love, anytime.

Final Thoughts

I hope this blog post has given you some insight into the incredible amount of knowledge you can soak up listening to up to 50 audiobooks per year, JUST like a CEO.

Leave a comment below and let me know what business or self help book you’re reading and what is the single best take away you got from that book.

By the way…

If you click on the audible banner below and test drive a free 30 day audible membership I  do get paid an $8 one-time commission if you later decide to purchase.