How to build pipeline without more calls

On a good day a business development rep can make 60 sales calls.

Seems efficient. But is it effective?

What if there are 2,000 companies in your city?

And each company also has one BDR making 60 calls a day?

That’s 120, 000 sales calls per day.

Now, let’s take those 120,000 sales calls per day and divide them by 2,000 companies.

This is 60 sales calls divided by 6 C-level prospects ( CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO, and CHRO) per company.

That’s 10 interruptions per day, or 50 interruptions per week per executive.

Your sales challenge becomes…

How do you differentiate yourself from 1,999 other BDRs interrupting prospects 50 times per week?

One word…


Leverage is to use (something) to maximum advantage.

The good news is…

Most of your competitors aren’t leveraging …


Because 80% of them are unable, unwilling, or unresourceful.

Here are 3 types of sales leverage:

#1 Time leverage – Call, email, or text your prospect when your competitors are unable or unwilling. This means before their office hours, after, or even weekends. This is the best time to catch them alone and away from office distractions.

#2 People leverage – Connect with someone who knows your prospect and ask for an introduction or to share your unique message. Show value, be humble and use tact. Don’t know how? Be resourceful! There are thousands of blog posts written on how to ask for all kinds of referrals.

#3 Message leverage – Craft a value packed message that resonates with your referrer and/or prospect. Work with your sales and marketing managers until you perfect it. Say it like you’re speaking to a friend. Murder unnecessary words. Rinse and repeat.

Just remember…

When you use sales leverage, you cut through the NOISE.

When you don’t use sales leverage, you are the NOISE.

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