How Should I Structure My Selling Day?

How do I engage prospects? One call at a time.

How do I book meetings? One invite at a time.

How do I close deals? One offer at a time.

When I lay my sales bricks as perfectly as they can be… In time I’ll have a wall full of clients.

In a business world obsessed with speed, I never forget sales tasks of real worth and value take time.

How do I structure my workday to achieve these real worth tasks on time?

I spend 1/2 of my day doing. This means engaging prospects, booking meetings, and making offers = 3 hours morning

I spend 1/4 of my day studying. This means learning strategies, researching prospects, and preparing content = 1.5 hours early afternoon

I spend 1/4 of my day reflecting. This means reviewing what I’ve done and how I can get faster, better, smarter = 1.5 hours late afternoon

Total: 6 hours

When you lean into the discomfort of work, the dividends are huge.

Structuring your sales day

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