How should I respond if my prospect asks me to send them some information?

When a prospect says.. “send me some information” I never respond with…

“Just so I don’t waste your time, what exactly would you like me to send?”

This is because…

By asking them this kind of closing question, I AM wasting their time…

They don’t know what they want yet. They’ve just met me. The last thing they want is to burn brain calories thinking about it.

I always GIVE to GET. Not the other way around. Or, sales resistance rears its ugly head.

Give them what they want early without interrogation. Even if you think it’s a brush off. Don’t test their sincerity.


When you email them information, include one question about the result or benefit you’ve shared. Because now you’ve earned it.

For instance…

“Mr. Prospect. How do you feel about X, Y, or Z?”

Understand: in sales as in war, nothing ever happens just as you expect it to.

The ask for information sales close

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