How do we remove the dread from cold calling?

March 18, 2019

Before you log into Salesforce to start cold-calling, realize this:

Your prospect is in the epiphany phase.

And during the epiphany phase, or first phase of the buying process, prospects are curious information-grazers. They’re also 70% open to talking with a sales rep.


Prospects reject sales reps who don’t share insights that lead them to epiphanies or Aha! moments…

And this makes cold calling dreadful.

So, during the epiphany phase share 1 of these 3 things with your prospect … and you’ll get less rejection.

1. Provide a unique perspective on the market

2. Educate them on issues and opportunities in their industry

3. Enlighten them on new issues in technology

Here’s what NOT TO say during the epiphany phase:


“Hi, would you be interested in hearing about how my company can help your company save money/time?”

Here’s what TO say during the epiphany phase:


“Hi, my company created a video with 3 ways to immediately increase profitability in your industry. Would you like a link to the video? Watch time is 3 minutes.”

Share insights that lead to epiphanies or Aha! moments for your prospects, and you’ll find cold calling less dreadful.

Need insights?

Talk to Marketing.

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Remove the dread from cold calling prospects