How do we recruit driven sales reps?

February 24, 2019

Do you know what’s better than offering a high base salary to attract your next sales rep?

No, it’s not commissions. Try again…

It’s growth.

When you talk with them, get them excited about an attainable promotion ladder.

For instance…

“Hey John, most new sales reps spend 2 years in an SMB role before moving up to a mid-market position. Then if they perform, they’re promoted to an enterprise level within 5 years. That’s where you want to be. Here’s why…”

The reps who are driven, and most likely to produce, will find your attainable promotion ladder irresistible.

P.S: Whenever you’re ready… here’s how I can help you hire sales reps so your business grows.

does your company offer an attainable promotion ladder