How do we prevent a no decision on our sales proposal?

March 20, 2019

Before you try to close your next business deal, know this…

8 out of 10 deals are lost due to no decision.

Seeing this pattern in your pipeline and want to reduce it?

I’ve broken it down into 4 steps, in what I call my No Decision Resolution.

1. Dig up your No Decision vs. Loss to Competitor opportunities in Salesforce.

2. Write down only the No Decision opportunities by company name. Then add them up.

3. Ask yourself where and why you think you lost the deal to No Decision. Write it down. Any patterns emerging?

4. Lastly, ask yourself, “At what point in my conversation with the prospect did I directly ask them, “Is this problem worth fixing for you this month?”

And did you ask it once in the qualifying stage, again in the presentation stage, and lastly in the proposal stage?

Here’s the kicker…

When you ask this question and get anything less than a “Hell Yeah!” from your prospect, you’re setting yourself up for a No Decision outcome.

This would be a great time to probe deeper to learn just how big a priority your solution is for them. Casually inquire about budget, decision makers, objections.

Then ask…

“If not this month, how about this quarter, or next year?”

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Avoid a no decision in your sales offers