How Do I Stay Top Of Mind After Presenting To My Prospect?

One hour after you present, your prospect will forget 50% of what you said.

In 24 hours 70%.

In 1 week 90%.

How to stay relevant?

First, before you demo, ask permission to record it, so they have a souvenir.

Second, send your souvenir to them 24 hours later so they know you keep your promises and they have the entire demo for easy reference.

Third, take every single question they asked during the demo and create separate single question FAQ emails.

Do this so you have valuable content to nurture them with from demo to close. What’s more valuable to them than feeding back the questions they asked in the demo via email with richer answers?

In a little while you will have forgotten everything. In a little while your prospect will have forgotten everything about you.

how to nurture prospects naturally

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