How do I respond to a prospect who asks about price?

Imagine we met at a networking event.

I say…

“Hi. I’m Trevor.”

You say…“

Before I reveal my name, could I ask you some questions?”

Think I’d trust you?

This seems dramatic, but it happens on discovery calls.

Executive agrees to talk with a sales rep.

After a couple of ‘off the shelf’ discovery questions executive grows bored and asks…

“What’s your price?”

Sales rep responds…

“Could I understand your needs a bit better? Then I’ll customize a proposal and send it tomorrow.

“Here’s a fact:

58% of prospects want to talk price on the very first call.

Give them your price range. Lowest to highest. On the first call.

Because in sales…

The rule is…

And always will be…

GIVE to get NOT get to give.

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