How do I get out of my sales slump?

If you study salesmanship you will avoid all boredom with your job.

You will not long for weekends because you are sick of weekdays.

You will be neither a burden to your team, nor expendable to management.

You will cause colleagues to admire you, clients to refer you, and sales leaders to promote you.

And the finest companies will seek you out.

Worth the investment?

Then do this:

1. Read 1 book per month on selling. Start with Sales Management Simplified. So you and your manager are aligned.

2. Find a mentor earning 3-10x your income. Just ask. They’ll be flattered. The worst you’ll hear is “no.” If “yes,” take them to lunch quarterly. Everyone must eat.

3. Read these blog posts weekly. My answers are tactful, practical, and psychological.

You can learn anything. Why don’t you?

study salesmanship

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