How do I get my sales team to increase revenue?

Here’s a little“secret”…

When it comes to increasing revenue, all the money is in coaching.

It’s in motivating, encouraging, and challenging your sales reps so they can hit plan.

But here’s the kicker…

If you’re a sales director, that’s a huge problem…

Because most of your time is spent with internal issues, reporting, and meetings.

You’ve become too busy to coach reps 1:1.

But you’re not alone…

Most sales directors spend less than 5% of their time coaching their reps.

Yet, no single activity has near the revenue impact as coaching does.

When coaching…

Don’t just focus on your top 20% of sales reps. They’ll figure stuff out on their own. If they can’t, they’ll ask. 

Don’t just focus on your bottom 20%. Sales isn’t for them. Replace them, don’t repeatedly try to train them up.

Focus mostly on your middle 60%. The largest revenue payoff from good coaching lies in these reps.  

Good coaching takes just 15 minutes. 

Here’s how:

1. Review your rep’s closed deals. (5 min)

2. Discuss opportunities in their pipeline. (5 min)

3. Go through their activities and advise. (5 min)

Ask “we” questions to show you’re both in this together… 

Where are we at in this deal? 

What do we need to do to generate more opportunities?

Schedule your coaching sessions weekly, or every other week, depending on your rep count.

Once you see impacts, extend sessions to 30, or 60 minutes to work on tactics and strategies.

When you make coaching a habit…

You’ll keep reps who value personal growth over slightly higher pay elsewhere.

You’ll get to share and scale reps’ wins with others reps.

You’ll reinforce your company’s investments in outside sales training.

So start coaching…

Keep it short. 

Keep it focused.

Keep it a habit.

Because coaching is where the money is.

P.S: Whenever you’re ready… here’s how I can help you hire sales reps so your business grows.

Increase revenue through coaching sales people