How do I get my prospect’s attention and have them not forget my pitch?

Being redundant, repetitive, and saying the same thing twice is hypnotic in selling.

That’s because prospects forget 40% of what they hear in 20 minutes.


Tell em what you’re gonna tell em. (your voicemail)

Tell em. (your phone conversation)

Tell em what you told em. (your email recap)


Sell to the decision making “old” part of the brain (aka lizard brain.)

This means using contrasts…

Show your prospect the status quo is NOT a great place. This is your before story. (ZERO)

Show them how they can get to a better place. This is your after story. (HERO)

Use the ZERO to HERO story again and again like you’re a Hollywood script writer.

Because when you fail to repeat, repeat, repeat… and don’t sell to the lizard brain, prospects tend to…


Staying top of mind with sales prospects

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