How do I create a great sales case study?

Sales case studies are a great way to brag about your product…

Without bragging about your product!

One great case study shared with the right prospect, at the right time, with the right message can catapult your sales career.

Here’s how:

Turn your case into story.

Don’t just thrown out all the great quotes you got from a happy customer that you want to share with your prospect.


Because a customer’s before, during and after “quotes” are NOT a case study.

Don’t skip over the customer’s transformational process.

Tell a great story instead.

Describe the process of how your customer went from ZERO to HERO.

Talk about the problems that came up during their implementation and how you guided them with your solution.

Show this step-by-step transformational process in your case study..

This is key.

Because it puts a picture in your prospect’s mind of how your product works and how you can help them.

If you skip cases and just tell prospects your bigger and better than your competitors…

Your prospect will say to themselves…

“I guess I’m supposed to trust this sales rep.”

Like this will EVER happen.

Here’s a great article by Brian McCarthy on how to tell a great sales story.

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