How do I bounce back from a bad sales call?

There’s no such thing as as a “good” or “bad” sales call.

Those are just labels “us” sales reps put on our results.

What matters is we keep shamelessly reaching out.

Because no matter what we say, or how eloquently we say it…

Prospects are human.

And we’re going to piss off a few along the way.

Dan Kennedy once said, “If you haven’t pissed someone off by noon you won’t make money”.

I think what he means is…

Put yourself out there.

Stand for something.

Speak in absolutes.

Be authentic and you’ll prosper.


Whenever a prospect doesn’t like my outreach and lashes out (for whatever reason)…

I try not to get down about it.

I apply the 5 second rule.

Then shrug it off and move on.

If I still can’t shake it…

I take Tony Robbin’s advice and change my state.

I go for a 10 minute walk, watch a music video, or go grab a coffee.

Because life’s to short for self-induced suffering.

Especially in the game of sales.

Rebounding from tough sales calls

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