How Can I Win Back The Customer I’ve Lost?

We’ve all been there… at the start of a new quarter.

Scrolling through accounts in Salesforce.

Looking at ones we’ve lost.


“How can I win them back?”

Losing customers is catastrophic and costly, isn’t it?

Three questions to ask yourself:

1. What specific chain of events led to the break-up?

2. How much revenue am I losing per month because of the break-up?

3. How do I feel knowing my competitor is stealing my commissions?

Then ask…

Are they worth winning back?

If so…

What will you do to motivate them to change their current vendor?

Better price. Better terms. Better service?

You need a “mafia” offer.


Creating an offer so strong, they can’t refuse it and their current vendor can’t, or won’t offer the same.


Reach out to them in an honest and humble way.

Be prepared to:

1. Review the chain of events which led to the break-up.

2. Propose your irresistible win-back offer.

3. Swallow your pride and take it on the chin.

Still uncomfortable with win-backs?

Know this:

It’s not because a win-back is difficult that we don’t try…

It’s because we don’t try that a win-back is difficult.

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