How can I know my prospect’s business problem before doing discovery?

Want to instantly connect with prospects and add value?

Enter the conversation already going on in their own minds.

“But how? I’m not in their role. I’m not a mind reader.”

The answer is right under your nose. And it’s not a discovery call.

Here’s how:

Invite your prospect’s “living double” to lunch tomorrow.

What’s a living double?

It’s the person in YOUR company who shares a similar role to your prospect.

For example, if your prospect is the marketing director, invite YOUR marketing director to lunch.

When you lunch and learn with your prospect’s “living double” you’ll be WAY more knowledgeable about your prospect than you were yesterday.


There’s no better way to connect with prospects than to speak their language and know their world. (intimately)

Not doing lunch and learns?

Here’s what you’re missing…

Big, fat, juicy deals… (and burgers)

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