How can I become more effective at prospecting?

I’ll use a metaphor to answer this…

The job of a sales rep and a baseball player are the same.

Both professions come down to two skills:

For players it’s… get on base and make it to home plate.

For reps it’s… book meetings and close deals on time.

All other activities are superfluous.

Their managers don’t care how they accomplish this…

As long as they don’t break the rules of the game.

That’s why in sales…

cold calling

social selling




attending events

public speaking


and even…

door knocking…

Can all be effective “plays” for booking meetings and closing deals.

Knowing the sales playbook…

I’d rather send 5 cold emails to get a meeting than 50.

That’s why personalization is key.

I never send an email without personalizing at least four things…

And no… using my prospect’s name and company name isn’t enough.

My cold email formula:

prospect’s name 1 point

company name 1 point

prospect’s product/service (not yours) 1 point

trigger event (new exec, new product, new customer etc.) 1 point

Total: 4 points

Because here’s the thing…

When I show prospects I’ve done my homework and speak directly to them and only them…

I “get on base” in 1/10 the time.

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P.S: If you’d like me to scout some stoic sales reps for your company… tell me a little about your role and I’ll share a few profiles of reps who are interested.