What’s the best way to plan my workday?

As a salesperson…

I’m in the habit of paying myself first.

I don’t mean financially.

I mean… chronologically.

My time is a currency.

That’s why I make the first hour of every day MINE.

No matter what.

I don’t let email, texts, or social media steal my day.

I turn that junk off in hour 1 and get something done that determines my long term success.

Personally, or professionally.

So, I work on my own stuff.





Because no matter what happens at work, I know I’ve done something that moves me closer to my goals.

If I’ve studied in the morning… the rest of the day can go okay.

If I’ve exercised in the morning… the rest of the day can go okay.

If I’ve written in the morning … the rest of the day can go okay.

I try to be consistent in an inconsistent world.

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How long does it take to become great at selling?

You can’t be great at selling in your first three months. Few of us are.

The question is:

What will you do after that?

What will you do about the areas where you don’t have the knowledge, skills, or ability to be a quota crusher?

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at first.


Learn with zeal.

Sell with zeal.

Fail with zeal.

Work to find resources you can use to avoid being a mediocre rep.

Find a mentor that will challenge you to improve.

Find new and better ways to get better…

It’s unlikely that doing MORE of what’s NOT working… is going to make you a better seller.

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How can I improve my sales process?

The very best sales process you can have…

Is the one that’s already working.

If that’s the case…

Don’t mess with it.

Double down on it.


If you DON’T have a good sales process, find someone who does… and model them.

This could be…

Your company’s president’s club winner.

A friend in sales who’s crushing it.

The rep who’s now your manager.

Just don’t sit on your hands.

There’s plenty of land for you to grab…

If you want it bad enough.

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How can we reduce employee stress on the sales floor?

These days you can’t walk into a grocery store or a pharmacy without seeing a free blood pressure machine tucked away in a back ..

With all the stress on the sales floor, why not put these machines there too?

“Tim, you look really upset over that lost deal. I bet your blood pressure is over 180. You’re damaging your blood vessels. Go check it. If it’s high then sit down, relax, watch a music video on YouTube, or go for a 10 minute walk.”

Your sales rep’s health is more important any lost deal.

There will always another deal.

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What will it take for my sales team to be successful?

How to make your sales team successful

Every rep must be intellectually aligned.

They have to be on the same page, and have the same answers to 4 critical questions

And every rep has to be in the exact same place around those 4 questions.

A good sales leader will constantly communicate these answers all the time to their sales team.

A good sales leader will constantly repeat the answers to these 4 questions to their sales team – all the time.

Sales managers… Try this:

Gather your sales reps and congregate in your boardroom for as long as it takes …

With plenty of bottled water, snacks. Order lunch and dinner if you have to…

Stay there until you all agree unanimously on the answers to the four questions below…

Here are the 4 questions:

What problem do we solve? 

(Whiteboard the problem – not your product’s features and benefits.)

Who is our ideal prospect?

(Whiteboard your customer avatar – not just their industry and job title. Get granular.)

What’s our value proposition?

(Whiteboard your value prop so a 10 year old kid would instantly get it.)

How will we hit our team number?

(Whiteboard your KPIs. How many calls, opportunities, demos each each rep needs to succeed – per day, per week, per month per year. Set realistic expectations.)


Your sales team is intellectually aligned for success.

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How the best sales reps motivate themselves with this simple mind hack

We all want to hit our sales targets.

And the best way to reach this goal is by giving ourselves little rewards  for achieving desired outcomes.

Here’s how:

First, find something at work you enjoy that can serve as a reward.

Next, promise to give yourself this reward once you’ve done something that you know you’re NOT doing enough of.

For instance, maybe you want to reduce the time you spend each day chit chatting with coworkers and instead make more calls to prospects…

Then reward yourself with a 10 minute chat over coffee with a colleague once you’ve made 20 calls, then 30, then maybe 2 hours.

Here’s the kicker…

By the time you’ve gotten to the 2 hour mark, you may be so motivated by the number of new leads you’re generating that you won’t even care about socializing with colleagues anymore.   

The ‘inner game’ of selling

If you’ve ever played golf you’ll notice that your focus is seldom on beating the other players.

In fact…

I’ll bet you pay very little attention to anyone’s score but your own.

This is because the goal of golf is to increase your ability and lower your handicap, NOT beat your buddies.

Case in point:

Tiger Woods recently won his first golf title. In 5 years!

Why did it take him so long?

Three words – lower back injury.

You see…

Tiger doesn’t think much about his competition.

He once said:

“I can’t control you. The only thing I can control is me,”

So, instead he focuses on his ‘inner game’ both physically and mentally.

Selling is no different.

In sales we tend to hear things like…

Know your product, study the competition, or the latest advice – disrupt your prospect’s status quo.

But, these efforts are all externally focused and akin to taking your eye off the ball in golf.

And you know what happens when you do that?

Slice, hook, sand trap, water.

Here’s what I mean…

When your selling efforts are externally focused you’ll be busily engaged in low value sales activities like….

Sending off competitive analyses to prospects (showing how your company’s features and benefits are the superior choice)


Sharing white papers intended to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) and/or fear of missing out (FOMO).


Shamelessly promoting your company, on social media.

But when you’re playing the ‘inner game’ (like Tiger does), your selling efforts are internally focused.

You’re more concerned about…

The first impressions you’re making with prospects.

The choice of words you’re using.

The message you’re conveying.

And the quality (not the quantity) of conversations you’re having with them.

Sound better?

When you start playing the ‘inner game’ of selling you’ll transform yourself from flogger of information (external focus) to purveyor of wisdom (internal focus).

Want to hit your number this year?

Then tee up your ‘inner selling’ game.