How To Get Prospects To Open Your Emails Without Sounding Spammy And Stalky?

So a lot of sales reps are using email open tracking.

But what about email scheduling?

If studies show the best times to reach prospects are between 8-9 am and 4-5 pm…

Why would you send emails any other time? The more we prospect outside our control, the less opportunities we create.

Sending out cold emails at those times is far more effective than manually sending through the day.

Now here’s the thing…

If you want to increase your chances of connecting with them… then do this:

1. Batch send a bunch of cold emails to qualified people
2. Use an open tracker or sales CRM like Copper or YesWare to see which recipients actually open the email.
3. When they open that email call them.

Some sales reps the moment, they get a notification their prospect has opened it.

I prefer not to do this. Its kind of stalky behaviour.

Just because someone opened your email doesn’t mean that they care about what you sent them, that they’re interested, or that they even read the email. Many people open an email only to delete it.

You may have just had a a really good subject header, your messaged didn’t interest them.

But HOW can’t tell if your message interested them can you.

As far as I know there isn’t heatmapping software out there that shows how much of your email they read. Wish there was!

So, I personally wouldn’t call immediately after your email is open.

Some sales reps might get wise and say…

Well, what if I included a link and they clicked it? That would be a sign they’re interested and justify calling them.

That could be true. But I don’t put links in cold emails. I get permission first. When you do…. it’s spammy.

So you don’t want to be a stalker by calling the second they open your email.
And you don’t want to be spammy by including a link…

So, what’s the point of sending them the email then if you have no way to know if they’re interested in your message.


Wait for a response.

Now I’m not suggesting waiting a day, or a week… Because if you don’t get a response within an hour of them opening it, it’s unlikely you will get one later..

Ideally you want to get a response within an hour of them opening it…

If you don’t, I’d guess your email doesn’t create curiosity.

It could also be too long.

It could be too pitchy.

It could require them to take a next step they’re not ready for yet. Like asking the for a discovery call or demo. Or telling them to call you.

There are a host of reasons why they don’t respond.

If you the kind of sales rep who wants to take matters into your own hands and find out if they’re really interested or not… be careful…

When you call them… and ask about the email you sent them…. you might get these two responses:

Response #1: “I didn’t get any email from you.”

Response #2: “I saw your email, but I’m not interested.”

And then what?

You have to pitch yourself again…


You start overcoming objections, which creates sales resistance. Remember, they weren’t interested, which is why they didn’t respond in the first place….

Be careful with the follow up call.

Bottom line:

When you call a prospect who opened your email, don’t have a lot of expectations. Don’t act based on your best-case assumptions

That they opened it and even read it.

That they opened it and were even interested.

That they can even connect the email with your name, company and product when you call…

Ideally when prospecting by email you want to get a response from your email. That’s the point of sending it.

You shouldn’t have to follow up with a phone call.

What makes you think they’ll respond more positively through a cold call?

Point is…

Just keep sending emails with actionable insight, and build awareness and good will with prospects over time. That way they get to know, like and trust you.

Ask permission to share links.

Send them invites to stuff, like webinars, lunch and learns, events…

Show value. Be cool.

Don’t be spammy and don’t be stalky…

Is cold calling still a numbers game?

One of the most famous sayings in sales is…

“Cold calling is a numbers game.”

Because when you make 50 calls, you’ll connect with some, and demo to one, right?

Fact is…

It’s naive to apply such simplification to today’s sophisticated market.

This is because at 50:1 in 2019…

Not enough demos will turn into not enough proposals.


Not nearly enough proposals will turn into not enough customers.

What the NEW most famous saying in sales should be is…

“Cold calling is a performance game…”

Because when you’re NOT sharing actionable insight with bonafide buyers, at the right time, consistently, here’s what  happens…

Those 50 pitches you keep spewing for 5 hours every single day… will NEVER amount to more than ONE. (demo that is)

Just imagine what two, three more could do for YOU.

Should I leave my prospect a voicemail or hang up?

Every day I get 5-7 calls from unfamiliar numbers.

I rarely pick up.


Because friends, family, and customers leave messages when they can’t reach me. Telemarketers almost never.

Telemarketers have conditioned me to not pick up my phone.

Because when I do, I get pitched. Not fun.


If you think voice messages aren’t effective, what message are you sending prospects when you DO NOT leave them?

Prospect recognizes your number.

Prospect ignores your number.

Prospect blocks your number.

When you rethink voicemail and start sending quality ones…

You create awareness and build value and goodwill over time

Savvy marketers buy advertising to build value + goodwill with custom audiences to achieve this.

You can do the exact same thing for free.


You can keep hanging up.

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How do I respond to a prospect who asks about price?

Imagine we met at a networking event.

I say…

“Hi. I’m Trevor.”

You say…“

Before I reveal my name, could I ask you some questions?”

Think I’d trust you?

This seems dramatic, but it happens on discovery calls.

Executive agrees to talk with a sales rep.

After a couple of ‘off the shelf’ discovery questions executive grows bored and asks…

“What’s your price?”

Sales rep responds…

“Could I understand your needs a bit better? Then I’ll customize a proposal and send it tomorrow.

“Here’s a fact:

58% of prospects want to talk price on the very first call.

Give them your price range. Lowest to highest. On the first call.

Because in sales…

The rule is…

And always will be…

GIVE to get NOT get to give.

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How can I reduce sales resistance with my prospect?

Every Monday colleagues ask us…

“How was your weekend?”

We respond with…


Sometimes they follow up with…

“What did you do?”

Sometimes they don’t.

Point is…

They only ask if they FEEL like it.

This is called indifference.

One of the keys to success in B2B sales is practiced indifference.

Indifference is the opposite of neediness.

For instance…

The more you appear to need the sale, the less likely your prospect will trust you and the harder it will be to sell.


Always act like you’re okay with the outcome of the sales cycle. Even if you don’t get the sale.

This means:

Be enthused about your product.

Be enthused about its benefits.

Be enthused about the offer.


Never be enthused about what your prospect agrees to. That’s irrelevant.

For instance…

Let’s say your prospect agrees to a meeting request…

Don’t say…

“Thank you so much!”


“That’s awesome! Really looking forward to it.”

This is because…

You need to be indifferent with your prospects.

They’ll trust you more, become more attracted to you, and be more compelled to work with your company.

Learn to be indifferent. It makes a BIG difference.

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How often should I follow up with prospects?

During coaching calls sales reps and their managers talk a lot about…


Manager to rep…

“Did you follow up with them?”

“What’d they say?”

“What are the next steps?”


What if your prospect isn’t ready to take the next step? Then what?

Your default is to schedule a call back reminder in 30 days.

Nothing wrong with this.

It’s just…

30 days is long between touches, isn’t it?

And you don’t want to sound “needy” by badgering them every week, right?

So, how do you add value between 30 day call backs?

With Actionable Insight.

Week 1: Send AI 4 pm Tuesday

Week 2: Send AI 4 pm Tuesday

Week 3: Send AI 4 pm Tuesday

Week 4: Make CB 4 pm Tuesday


There’s no better way to distinguish yourself in a pit of competitors than by sharing actionable insight, at the exact same time every week..

Reps disciplined enough to do this close 50% more sales than those who don’t.

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How do I reach my prospects before competitors do?

57% of buying decisions are made before engaging a sales rep.

This is because…

Your prospect researches online first.

Same as you right?

Homes. Cars. Fun. Food. Travel.

Make no mistake…

The INTRO-NET is your biggest competitor.

So go upstream. Way upstream. Like a salmon.

Then connect with that 57%…

Long before they have a need.

Long before they’re shopping.

Long before they’re a lead.


F is for follow

L is for like

C is for comment

S is for share


If you’re not active on LinkedIn. You don’t exist.

At least to THEM.

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How can I know my prospect’s business problem before doing discovery?

Want to instantly connect with prospects and add value?

Enter the conversation already going on in their own minds.

“But how? I’m not in their role. I’m not a mind reader.”

The answer is right under your nose. And it’s not a discovery call.

Here’s how:

Invite your prospect’s “living double” to lunch tomorrow.

What’s a living double?

It’s the person in YOUR company who shares a similar role to your prospect.

For example, if your prospect is the marketing director, invite YOUR marketing director to lunch.

When you lunch and learn with your prospect’s “living double” you’ll be WAY more knowledgeable about your prospect than you were yesterday.


There’s no better way to connect with prospects than to speak their language and know their world. (intimately)

Not doing lunch and learns?

Here’s what you’re missing…

Big, fat, juicy deals… (and burgers)

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What should I say after my prospect thanks me for my proposal?


The next time your prospect asks you for something…

Like: A price proposal.

A sales deck.

A meeting agenda.


The moment they thank you for it…

Don’t brush it off with “No problem.”

This sends the wrong message.

That being…

It took you little effort.

When it DID take you effort.

That proposal took concentration.

That powerpoint took creativity.

That agenda took planning.

Instead say…

“Happy to help.”

Don’t let your gestures of value go unnoticed.

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What’s passive aggressive selling?

Doesn’t it feel weird when a sales rep sends you a cold email or voicemail and they sign off with…

“Ms. Prospect. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll be calling you next Tuesday at 9:00 am to discuss your needs, schedule a time, talk more about X, blah, blah, blah..”

This is because they’re doing passive aggressive selling.

It subtly implies that you, Ms. Prospect should pick up the phone, because I told you in advance I’d be calling. (Even though your prospect won’t likely pick up.)


Don’t warn your prospects you’ll be calling.

Because all you’re doing is giving them a heads up NOT to answer.

Because they could care less about you, your company, or your product.


Just keep reaching out cheerfully with value + offers. (In that order)

By phone, by email, by text, through social. Whichever they prefer.

Be cool.

Be a friend.

Skip the selling shenanigans.

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