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SaaS Enterprise Sales Rep

About Me

I am dedicated to changing the world, utilizing the skills I have obtained over the 4+ years in SaaS to drive revenue and allow the product I educate on, to allow the impact to reach as many as possible.

I have strived in my career to learn from various roles and industries to offer my organization, the best version of myself. I have always believed in the motto “Make it happen”, a driven vision to take action and change the world.

Work Experience

Company 1

Oct 2020 – Present
Enterprise, Senior Account Executive

Company 1 is safety software solution specializing in front-line participation in Health & Safety.

  • $875K Quota
  • Closed 2020 as Top Enterprise Rep (1.5x other Enterprise Reps)
  • Closed largest deal in the company’s history
  • 73K Monthly Quota / 219K Quarterly
  • Focus on North American organizations (Construction, Renewable Energy, General Contractors & Manufacturing)
  • 90% New Logo | 10% Expansion & Growth
  • Organizations size: 1000-10K Employees
  • Key Regions (United States & Canada) – Traveled across North America for business.
  • Responsible for full-cycle sales process, from 70% hunting / 30% Inbound.
  • Typical Cycle: (Discovery, Demonstration, Pricing, Legal, IT, Procurement,Signature)

Company 1

May 2019 – Oct 2020
Enterprise, Senior Account Executive

Company 1 is safety software solution specializing in front-line participation in the EHS space of Health & Safety.

  • Responsible for full-cycle sales process, from 70% hunting / 30% Inbound.
  • Typical Process inclusive of Discovery, Multiple Presentations, Pricing, ROI Discussions, Executive Summaries & Facilitating discussions between Customer Success, IT, Legal, Finance, & C-Suite.
  • Creation of Partnerships with Safety Associations, Organizations, and consulting firms on exclusive partnerships.
  • Achieved 109% of annual quota by Q3, Sold the largest account in company’s history (890k TCV), Won AE of the quarter several times.
  • 650,000k Quota, Average 4-6 deals per quarter, Average deal size $50-100k.
  • Expertise in Compliance Standards & Health/Safety industry knowledge
  • Key Accounts: Sleep Country, The State Group, Embraer, Altus Group, WSP etc.
  • Top Account Executive Quarter over Quarter (Team of 10)
  • Expertise in New Business, Expansion & Partnerships
  • Area’s of expertise (ROI Discussions, Executive Summaries, Business Case)

Company 2

October 2018 – May 2019
Enterprise, Senior Account Executive

Company is a health platform to digitally track clinical symptoms throughout treatment to better track client outcomes in health care.

      • Sold 5-50k+ accounts, from larger partnerships with associations, government entities, hospital systems and private clinics.
      • Performing day-to-day sales tasks while also helping to manage and grow sales team and continually set KPI and accurate forecasting.
      • Created scripts, process, salesforce and incorporated new technology into our day to day.
      • Improving sales process, lead generation, email cadence and sales strategy
      • Attended several conferences and association meetings regarding
      • Mental Health landscape in Canada and our platform functionality
      • Securing Channel Partnerships through various associations, expansion accounts and solidifying GSMH as the vendor of choice at various institutions/organization

Company 3

January 2018 – October 2018
Senior Account Executive, Hybrid

Company is a digital platform to empower education leaders a voice in the classroom to engage students through the usage of technology.

      • B2B Sales – Technology for educational purposes, managed a sales cycle from Cold Call, to demonstration, to follow-up to close (1 week – 1 month)
      • Exceeded 300% of my quota in my first month, ending my career with a 195% of my quota attainment
      • Youngest to be promoted to Hybrid Account Executive (Most senior level role at TH)
      • Won “Best new Representative” for exceeding my goal, have won several incentives for most meetings booked, closed and verified)
      • Presented two sales-wide meetings on my success in selling two/three parts to our company, I have changed the way our authoring process is sold and the script for it, to emulate for my success selling it.
      • I have traveled to campus to further sell the product face to face, as well as commonly from a remote demonstration standpoint (zoom)
      • Constantly out-perform my senior level team in terms of metrics (dials, meetings booked, emails and closed deals)
      • Sold all three parts to the company, this is for the most tenured reps as they have mastered all sides to the company to be able to sell them all, this is only for the Account Executive Role.

Company 3

August 2017 – January 2018

Sales Operations Lead/ Quality Assurance Specialist

      • Managed the sales operation process from an operational standpoint, mastering salesforce to aid reps
      • Managed a 130k enterprise deal (Incorporating a new software dialer) overseeing and managing the entire process.
      • Managed the transitional logistics of 200 sales representatives
      • Assisted with enterprise deals for the company to increase sales productivity. Alongside this role, also was the companies Quality Assurance Specialist for the sales team, offering feedback on their calls, areas of improvement and created the script for the BDR team to utilize, then monitoring their use of it

Company 3

July 2017 – Aug 2017

Business Development Representative

      • Cold Calling Sales via (Phone, Email and LinkedIn)
      • Exceeded targeted Metrics, reaching 400% of first month goal
      • Learned skills such as organization, persistence and hitting 150+ dials a day
      • Promoted after one month in position

Company 4

January 2014 – January 2015


      • Founded an apparel company with a partner, dealt with marketing, analytics, financial transactions, sales, currency conversion, website creation, branding, and campaigns
      • Over 500 units sold within Canada, exceeded targets continually
      • Target demographic research and customer interaction daily
      • Hired representatives and utilized incentive-based purchases for consumers
      • Created and maintained oversea relationships as our product was outsourced to India and China to be made
      • Maintained all accounting and financial records
      • Reach target market goals of expanding by 26% each month, In each month that sales grew, I negotiated a lower pricing point for our products that drove revenue

Educational Pursuits

      • Wilfrid Laurier University – Graduation date – June 13th, 2017
      • Bachelor Of Arts Degree Business, Economics, Political Science and Sociology coursework.
      • A part of LACC (Laurier Against Childhood Cancer)
      • Appleby College – Oakville, Ontario
      • Rugby Captain – Leadership, Trust and Time Management
      • Service excellence award – Exceeding expectations in community service
      • Combined 150+ service hours
      • Part of Student Council –Leadership, Event planning, Counseling students and assisting in any team building exercises skills


      • Proficient in Microsoft Excel (12 years), Office (12 years), PowerPoint (12 years), Outlook (12 years
      • Energetic self-starter, Results oriented
      • Proficient in Salesforce, Salesloft and Outreach, Slack,
      • Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BambooHR, Ceridian
      • API Integration
      • Contractual Negotiations
      • Virtual Presentations (Software, PowerPoint, Mobile-Use Case)

Personal Skills

      • Excellent Communication Skills
      • Reliable and Punctual
      • Strong Lead Development Business Generation
      • Strong Researching Skills
      • Strategic Campaign Messaging/Strategy Personable and Trusting
      • Goal-oriented and Sales driven
      • Relationship Selling; Rapport Building
      • Consultative Sell Expertise and Subject Matter Expert in the field I am in.


What’s Your S.I.N. Offer?

Many moons ago, back in my scuba diving days, I found myself in Puerto Galera, one of the 7,641 islands which make up the Philippines.

If you’ve never had the unique pleasure of visiting THE PI, the island nation is a dive mecca and home to some of the most diverse marine life on earth, among some LESS THAN SAVORY things.

What kind of unsavory things, you ask?

One night on the idyllic island… a Canadian (that’s me), an American, and a Brit (no joke) had just filled our bellies with seafood and San Miguel at Capt’n Greggs… a restaurant, hotel, and dive school all rolled into one, located smack dab on the beach.

Upon finishing our feast, we agreed a beach stroll would be a nice way to cap off the night.

As we walked a mile down the peaceful, uninhabited shore, enjoying the soft warm sand squish through our toes, we joked and laughed about the hard-ass dive instructor/ proprietor of Capt’n Gregg’s resort.

Then something unforgettable happened…

Straight ahead, 50 feet in front of us appeared a dark shadowy figure totting a shotgun.

Upon seeing us, the stranger rubbernecked 45 degrees away from his ‘sea watch’ toward us. We were in his crosshairs.

As our eyes adjusted to the darkness, we could make out his features…

He was a Filipino security guard. The same kind you’d see inside a 7-11 store in metro Manilla, NOT on a remote island paradise.

My hear stopped racing, so I rhetorically asked him …

“What are you doing way out here? “

He replied…

“Protecting you. I work for Capt’n Gregg’s”

He began to tell us how pirates used speedboats to kidnap foreign tourists on islands like Puerto Galera…

And how the hostage takers would whisk their captives off to secret jungle hiding spots…

And how they’d hold their victims at ransom until money was wired from bank accounts in Canada, America, and Britain from distraught and desperate loved ones.

Enlightened and appreciative we thanked him profusely for watching our backs and we skedaddled back to the resort.

Yes, there is a business lesson here.

And that lesson is this:

Capt’n Gregg’s has a S.I.N. offer.

What’s a S.I.N offer you ask?

It’s a superior, irresistible, no brainer offer.

That being…

When you stay at Capt’n Gregg’s (unlike most remote island resorts in THE PI) you’re safe. And you can’t put a price tag on safety. So, why stay anywhere else?

More S.I.N. offers…

Get a 90 day return policy, no questions asked – Costco

Get 24/7/365 Live Chat SUPPORT with less than 1 minute wait times – WPX Hosting

Get your pizza FOR FREE, if your delivery takes more than 30 minutes – Dominos Pizza.

Nothing beats a S.I.N. offer.

Got a business?

What’s yours?

Motivation Is A Myth. Do This Instead.

Today I’m going to show you how to hit your most challenging goals without having to rely on motivation, rewards, or accountability.

Now I’m guessing for a lot of you this is probably not the first blog post you’ve read about motivation.

The first thing I want to say is that if you’ve failed at hitting your goals in the past, you’re not alone. For decades you’ve been getting the wrong advice from people closest to you. Your friends, your family, your teachers, your coaches, your managers, and many others.

If you’ve been worried in the past that you just can’t hit your goals because you lack motivation, or can’t sustain it for very long… I want you to relax and don’t fret about it. You can achieve your goals. You just need the right person to explain it to you.

Forget The Carrot And The Stick Approach

For hundreds of years schools and universities have tried to motivate people like you and me with something called the carrot and stick method.

For carrots they’l give us A grades or scholarships.

For sticks they’ll hand out F grades, or have us repeat classes.

Then when we graduate into the workforce our employers continue to use the carrot approach by enticing us with benefits, bonuses, and other financial or feel good incentives.

While at the same time they’ll use the stick approach by administering performance reviews (The Shit Sandwich) or putting us on a performance improvement plan (PIP) if we don’t hit certain corporate metrics.

I’m here to tell you these motivational approaches are flat-out WRONG.

They’re outdated, and according to countless scientific experiments they don’t work anymore. In fact, the business world is completely out of sync with science?

When I say business, I’m talking about the high tech and knowledge based businesses most of us work in today. The businesses you want to thrive in.

The Goal Of This Post

My goal from this blog post is to help two types of people.

For those who can’t even get motivated to start on their goal you’ll quickly learn that motivation is a myth.  

For those who CAN start on their goal, but find themselves getting distracted, having self doubts, or thinking about quitting halfway through their goal. I’ll teach you why rewards and accountability aren’t the solution either.

My goal from this blog post is…

1.) The ONLY WAY for you to achieve your goals is to ditch motivation.

2.) The ONLY WAY to ditch motivation is to disregard your feelings.  

Here are three secrets I’m going to share with you in this blog post.

Secret #1 How To Hit Your Goals Even If You Don’t Feel Like Starting Or Want To Quit Halfway Through.

Let me tell you a little story…

One cold Canadian winter morning last year, I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed to get to my daily gym workout.

After getting up I was still moving around the house like a SLOTH.

My wife looked at me and said…  

“Look, I know you feel like taking a day off from your workout, but you promised yourself you’d get in shape. For the 16 years I’ve know you and heard you talk about it. I’m sick of your TALK. It’s your body, not mine. Pretty harsh but truthful words, and she was right. So I grabbed my gear and left.

By the time I got to the gym I screwed around for the first 15 minutes, fumbling around iTunes looking for that perfect song to motivate myself, chatted with an old high school friend, and then laced up my sneakers.

I hit the treadmill in a slow sloth-like state the decided to GIV-ER!

To my surprise I ran an 8 minute mile. Not bad for a 50 year old. I hadn’t run an 8 minute mile in months. 

Here’s the thing…

If you let your “feelings” control you… then your inner voice inside your brain protects you from the uncomfortable and you’ll talk yourself out of running that 8 minute mile. 

I realized that from this second forward, I would never give into my feelings again.

You see…

Motivation is not about waiting to feel like doing something that’s hard, or picking that perfect time, or when you feel JUST RIGHT. Motivation is about ignoring your feelings and plowing through difficult tasks anyway. 

I knew from that day forward I had to stop being a slave to my feelings and get in tune with what I really wanted. Getting into shape!

My feelings will ALWAYS be there and will NEVER go away. And my brain, just like yours is hardwired to protect me from the uncomfortable.

Don’t Be A Slave To Your Feelings

The moment your brain starts negotiating with you to sleep in, or skip the gym, or avoid the work, do yourself a massive life changing favour…

Ignore your feelings and do what needs to be done anyway.

In other words don’t hesitate, don’t pause, talk yourself out of it. You know what you need to do so stop letting your feelings talk you out of it.

So how do YOU do that?

Recently I learned the 5 second rule from Mel Robbins.

Mel says that whenever you have something difficult to do simply countdown 5,4,3,2,1 and then take action. If you wait longer than 5 seconds you’ll talk yourself out of it. 

She has a good example about having a hard time getting out of bed. So as soon as she would hear the alarm clock, she’d count down, 5,4,3,2,1 and jump out of bed. No hitting the SNOOZE alarm.  

This 5 second rule changed my life. And it can change yours too!


You are a power plant. And a power plant doesn’t wait for power, it generates power.

You are a rocket ship. A rocket ship doesn’t wait to blast off, it creates a blast. 

Analysis Paralysis

You’re probably thinking…

That 5-second rule sounds too simple, Trevor. The human brain and psychology of motivation is a lot more complicated than that.

You’re right the brain is complex! 

You and I could spend hours, days, even weeks talking about what causes people to do or not do the things they need to do to succeed.

There’s a bunch of science, and research, and experiments that have been done on this very topic. But why bother analyzing it? It won’t move you forward one bit.

Everyone, even celebrities, athletes, and our world’s most powerful leaders have limiting beliefs, and emotional turmoil, and self drama that prevent them from hitting their goals. But, none of us are will get what we need to get done analyzing those obstacles to death.

That’s why you need to reject your feelings. There will always be reasons to not start, or not to finish. Ignore them and forge ahead.

So now I’ve show you how you can take immediate action, within seconds, without having to “get motivated” so you can work towards achieving your goal. Can you see yourself doing this?

Secret #2 – Why Rewards Are Harming Your Progress And What To Do Instead.

Recently, while studying the topic of motivation I came across 4 studies done by 4 US universities. One of which was MIT.

The studies tested students so see if monetary rewards increased their performance.

Students were tasked with doing basic cognitive tasks like memorizing strings of numbers as well as simple no brainer physical tasks like throwing a ball through a hoop.

Each student was awarded one of three monetary incentives… $5, $10 and $25. 

Here’s what researchers learned:

As long as the task only involved mechanical skills, the monetary incentives worked (given more money for better performance, you will perform better). But once the task required the students to think, just a little bit… the  larger rewards led to poorer performance.

The Second Study

Researchers thought deeply about the results. Maybe the monetary rewards weren’t high enough. Hence the poor performance.

Perhaps if they did a second study in a low wage country like rural India the results would be different. So that’s what they did. 

This time they offered three different monetary rewards. A small reward of 2 weeks’ salary, a medium reward of 1-months’ salary. And a high reward of 2 months’ salary. 

Here’s what they discovered:

Those offered the small and medium incentive performed at the same level. Those offered the highest reward did much worse.

Here’s the thing…

When you’re asked to do a straightforward task that requires little if any brainwork like throwing a ball through a hoop, we can use monetary rewards to increase our performance – it works great. 

But when tasks require some conceptual creative thinking, not only does money not motivate a person, but it can also hurt their performance.

These studies with 5 different groups from a rich country and a poor one prove that the carrot and stick approach still being used at companies to motivate employees is flat out wrong. 

So what does this mean for YOUR goals?

Extrinsic Vesus Intrinsic Rewards

Well, if you’re trying to hit a goal, you can’t just motivate yourself by sticking a dollar amount in front of you. You’re not coin operated.

It takes something much more intrinsic like purpose, or enjoyment, or growth, or mastery to hit your goal.

An extrinsic reward like money will not help you stick with something for months or even year to accomplish it. Sure it may work for the first two weeks, but after that you’ll flounder. 

If you just allow money alone to be your reward, you simply won’t stick with it and you’ll fall far short of hitting your goal. Same goes for companies. 

So now I’ve shown you that you need to focus on intrinsic rewards not extrinsic rewards if you want to accomplish anything that’s difficult. Is this making sense?

Secret #3 – How To Dig Deep And Push Past Any Obstacle Without Being Held Accountable

Most people believe lack of accountability is the reason they can’t stay on track towards their goal. So, they’re told they need a mentor, or a coach, or a trainer to keep them accountable.

I belief 100% in getting outside expertise to help you get better, but these people should not have to hold you accountable. Accountability is on YOU.

The real reason for your lack of results or real problem is NOT lack of accountability

The first reason why accountability doesn’t work  is because you’re placing the power outside of yourself. You’re expecting someone else to hold you accountable for your progress.

The problem with this is, that person who holds you accountable can’t be with you 24/7 holding your hand through the goal achievement process.

When you pass the power to your coach, or mentor etc, you’re not holding yourself to the highest level. That being only YOU should be shaping your destiny. You’re relying on someone else to keep you in check. Big problem.

The second reason why accountability doesn’t work is because when you set a goal and you must hold yourself accountable to someone else.. What you’re doing is forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy intrinsically.

You’re using accountability as an extrinsic motivator. And as we learned previously extrinsic motivators are short-lived.  

With intrinsic motivators you should be excited or can’t wait to to work on your goal. And the only way to get excited about what needs to be done to hit your goal is to focus on the end goal. You should never have to focus on the challenges or being held accountable along the way. 

The Arnie Story

Arnold Schwarzenegger was once asked by a news reporter…

“How can you always be smiling like that while working out every day for 5 hours every day in the gym?”

Arnold replied…

“Because the more reps and sets of weights  I lift brings me closer to my goal.”

Arnold actually looked forward to doing THE WORK because he knew it would get him that much closer to success sooner.

When you start thinking like Arnold did and ditch extrinsic motivators like accountability you can crush your goals.

All you need is YOU. Not someone checking up on you. 

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg. None of them need accountability to hit their goals.  And neither do you. Accountability comes from within. You MUST be accountable to yourself.

If you think you need accountability, you’ve picked the wrong goal.

So now I’ve show you that you don’t need to hold yourself accountable to anyone except yourself to succeed. Doesn’t that empower you?

Let Me Ask You A Question

If you followed what I showed you in Secret #1 and you could get started on your goals effortlessly and keep going even if you wanted to quit halfway through…

Then you did what I showed you in Secret #2 and you no longer had to rely on extrinsic rewards to make progress…

And then you used Secret #3 to hold YOURSELF accountable instead of depending on others to keep you in check…

Do you think you could hit your goals? 

If you’re serious about using the power of your mind to achieve anything you want in life, there’s a book you should read…

It’s called…

The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage

This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to set goals and achieve them. You’ll become happier, get the courage to change your behaviours, and realize your dreams.

The 5-Second rule is for two types of people…

1.) For those can’t even get motivated to start on their goal, you’ll quickly learn that motivation is garbage.  

2.) For those who CAN get started on their goal, but find themselves getting distracted, having self doubts, or thinking about quitting halfway through their goal.

You might be thinking you can’t get started with this book because you don’t have time to read another 231 page book and you rarely finish a book anyway. 

Well, now’s the time to test what I just taught you.

If you don’t like to read, you can listen to the 5-Second Rule on audible. Just sit back, relax and let the author read it to you. 

Or you can listen to it while exercising, driving, or doing tasks around the house.

Best part is..

The 5-Second Rule is absolutely free if you sign up for a 30 day free trial with audible. 

If you decide to keep your audible membership after you finish the book you only pay $14.95 per month.

Sign up for a year, and each book you buy after your first free one (The 5-Second Rule) is only $9.95.

Just so you know… if you sign up for audible I earn a $15 commission.  The money helps me maintain my website.

What’s great about audiobooks  is they’re 30% cheaper than physical books, easier and faster to consume, and you can keep all of them on your mobile device, even if you decide to cancel your audible membership. Audible is owned by Amazon, by the way.

When you listen to the 5-Second Rule you’ll be able to…

1.) Execute 5-Second Rule (a lot more than what I told you).

2.) Develop The Power Of Courage.

3.) Become The Most Productive Person You Know.

4.) End Procrastination, Stop Worrying, End Anxiety, And Beat Fear.

6.) Become The Most Fulfilled Person You Know.

7.) Build Real Confidence, Pursue Passion and Enrich Your Relationships.

Over 1,981 people have bought and rated the 5-Second Rule on Amazon. It has also received a 4.6 out of 5 rating on Audible.com   

5-Second Rule Book Reviews

 “Amazing book. “

This is the BEST audio version of a book I’ve ever listened to. It feels like Mel is your private coach and just talking to you. She is an amazing speaker and so natural. If you have the hard copy of this book I would still suggest to get the audio version because she is sooooo good and it seems that there are some off the cuff comments and asides that are not in the physical version. Content is simple yet profound. The whole thing is super awesome.

 “5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!!! 

This book is no BULLSHIT. Mel tells you exactly how it is and exactly what to do to attain greatness.

 “Absolute Gold”

Love love loved it. Of you are stuck this is the perfect book to help you get unstuck.
Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule is mind-blowing and eye-opening.
a must read for everyone.

The 5-Second Rule:

This Book Is Free For 30 Days With Audible Trial.

(Still keep this audiobook even after your 30 day free trial)

How To Consume 50 Books A Year Without Reading

Did you know the average CEO reads 50 books per year while the average employee reads just 12?

In this blog post I’m going to show how you…

How you can gobble up the knowledge of 50 books in one year – without having to read a single page.

If you’re like me, carving out one solid hour every single day to find a quite place to read without the never ending distractions of email and social media pings, phone calls from customers, friends, and family is your single biggest deterrent to reading…

So, the larger task of being able to extract the golden nuggets of 50 best selling business books in one year sounds extremely daunting. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Books Will Make You Smart And Magnetic To Money

If you’re serious about rising to the top in your marketplace, you MUST consume and apply a TON of knowledge every day

If you’ve been struggling to find a way to massively level up your book reading proficiency because you know it’s IMPOSSIBLE to succeed without filling your mind with knowledge that can will turn you into an expert and give you endless income, you’re NOT alone.

I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this!

And I’ll show you what I’ve been learning and how I’m using it to hit my goal of consuming 50 books per year without reading. 

Media Companies Don’t Want You To Read Books

Did you know the big media companies and advertisers are doing EVERYTHING they can to distract you from reading books.

And they’re using stealth marketing tactics like retargeting you constantly with their ads and constantly sending you emails and pings promoting their upcoming movies or television shows. 

And THIS is all done so they can keep us glued to their channels via mobile, desktop and TV boxes consuming their ads… Did you know that the average American watches nearly 5 hours of television per day?

If you’ve ever thought that these media companies want to keep you in a passive, even comatose state, you’re probably right!

When you’re viewing their content you’re NOT creating imagery in your brain, you’re simply allowing images to be spoon fed to you.

Punt Your Brain Out Of Passive Mode

When you’re watching TV your brain is in passive mode so you’re WAY MORE open to suggestions.

This means you’re not using your mind and you’re more susceptible to peoples opinions and advertising.

Take YouTube for example. When you’re watching Youtube, you’re forced to consume all of those ads that flash in front of you every several minutes while you’re watching videos.

Now I know they’re only 5 seconds, but if you skip them they’re penetrating into your psyche. They’re not only an irritation, but their a distraction and often frazzle your brain. 

The difference between consuming the knowledge of books and watching Netflix, or Reality TV or even television news is that when you actually start consuming books you start learning, and conceptualizing… and this translates into opportunities for you to develop your mind which translates into high income skills.

Just imagine if you could consume 50 books per year on 1 or two business topics?

How much smarter would you be in those business subjects? How much more could you earn?

You’d probably be more knowledgeable than your boss!

How would your life change?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Mark Cuban devour books. They’re all pretty smart right?

Today I want to show you how to make 50 books a goal easily and effortlessly.

My goal for this blog post is to show you that…

1.) The ONLY WAY to exponentially increase your knowledge and skills is through audiobooks. 

2.) The ONLY WAY TO consume audiobooks is through Audible.

About Me

My name is Trevor Hefford, and I’m an employee turned entrepreneur. I used to work as a sales rep, but after several years, I got sick and tired of being a teeny tiny cog in a large corporate wheel so quit my $185,000 sales job to build my own personal revenue engine.

It hasn’t been easy building an business where I have the luxury of working from home and am in complete control of my day… but the beauty of starting a business is… I have developed so many great skills that I would have never learned working for a corporation.

You could say I’ve been drinking through the firehose for about 2 years trying to build my company.

Many people have been asking me about how to build a business from scratch, so I thought it would be helpful to start sharing all of my learnings, the good, the bad and the ugly about entrepreneurship with anyone who longs to transition from employee to entrepreneur, just like I have…

And that transition begins first with KNOWLEDGE. And knowledge begins and ends with BOOKS!

Okay, let’s get back to my goal of consuming 50 books in just one year without having to read a single word.

Honestly, I’m not that fast of a reader, so audiobooks make total sense to me!

Hopefully you’re here because you want to consume 50 books a year too. If not, then stop reading this blog post now and switch back to Netflix.

Let me share three secrets that will allow you to consume 50 books a year easily.

Secret #1 You Can Consume Twice As Many Books By Switching From Reading To Listening.

Now let me tell you a little story…

10 years ago while I was living in Seoul, Korea I had friend named Todd.

Todd was an avid reader. I mean this guy loved to read. He’d carry a book in his back pocket constantly. Often he’d rip his back left pocket because he was constantly pulling his books in and out of it.

Whenever Todd was waiting for the bus or WHENEVER he had downtime, he ‘d pull out his book and read.

I’ll bet Todd read more than 99% of the people in Korea.

In fact…

Todd consumed such a ton of knowledge reading every single day his vocabulary was NEXT LEVEL. I’m sure his healthy habit of reading is what got him into law school.


The only time I didn’t see Todd with a book was when he went hiking up small mountain near our Korean house, almost every day, which took him about an hour.

Imagine if Todd started LISTENING to books during his mountain hikes?

He’d free up an extra 5 hours per week for his favourite hobby.

That meant he could read 1 extra book per week or 4 per month or 50 per year. In addition to the 50 + I’m sure he was already reading.

That’s 100 books a year! Just by switching to audio books ONLY during his hikes. Isn’t that crazy!

I’m sure Todd would tell me he wasn’t interested in reading books while exercising, but can you see the learning opportunity for people like you and me here?

What’s great about listening to audiobooks is you can multitask.

You can exercise, clean your house, drive, whatever…. 

If you have to sit down to read, well, you can’t really do anything else, can you?  You also need a quiet place to read, with no interruptions for a whole hour.

Wouldn’t these reasons alone be worth switching to audio books? 

Now you’re probably thinking…

What if I don’t want to multitask and just want enjoy the sounds of mother nature when I hiking through the forest like Todd?

Fair enough.

Start Speed Listening

Even if you just want to sit in your big comfy chair and only focus on listening to your book… did you know that you can speed up the audio playback from 1 to 1.25 to 1.5x to 1.75x to even 2x or double the speed?

Can’t do that with a book unless you’re a speed reader. And who wants to learn that?

Amazingly, I’ve started listening to audiobooks at 2x the speed and surprisingly was actually able to understand the narration. Don’t underestimate the ADAPTABILITY of the human brain! 

Listening to audiobooks at 2X is just like speed reading and the more you speed listen at a double the playback speed… the more audio books. Twice as fast. How cool is that? 

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to listen at a faster speed or even multitask while listening to your audiobook.

Let me ask you a question?

How long do you think you could sit down and physically read before getting tired or bored of it? Most people can read for about an hour. Bill Gates reads an hour a day.

But I’ll bet you could easily sit through a 1.5 or two hour movie without getting tired.

Same goes for listening to audio books.

You could most likely listen for much longer than an hour, right?

Because listening is passive, not active like reading.

You don’t have to do the work of reading. Like moving your eyes back and forth, turning pages, and sounding out words.  

With audiobooks the narrator does all of that work for you!

That’s why you can listen much longer than you can read. Listening allows you to consume more books faster.

The ROI Of Audiobooks

I read and walk every morning for 1 hour. Not only do I get my exercise in for the day while listening to my audiobook, but I can consume 1-2 books per week because I’ve conditioned myself to listen at 1.75 to 2x the audio speed! 

So, now I’ve show you how to can consume up to twice as many books by listening to them versus reading them by multitasking, by speed listening, and by being able to focus much longer on your book because you’re listening which takes less mental effort than reading.

I just started an audiobook called “Hiring For Attitude” this morning that will take me 5 hours and 17 minutes to listen to. If I listen to it for one hour while walking and 30 minutes while driving or exercising then In 3.5 days I’ll have it done. That’s one book per week or 50 books per year. Pretty neat eh?

Secret #2 You Can Retain As Much Knowledge Or More By Listening Instead Of Reading

In 2010 there was a comprehension experiment done with 91 college students.

Half of them were asked to listen to a 20 minute podcast about World War 2. The other group was asked to read the same passage about World War 2.

The results of the test?

Readers scored 81% and listeners scored 59%. Quite a difference. 


The material was difficult to understand and not particularly enjoyable for the students so reading was required for them to score well.

Since the content was hard and not particularly interesting to many students, they had to pause to think about what they just read, or re-read it. Hence they scored higher in comprehension because they were able to re-read words, sentences and passages.

Having to read books that have difficult words and long sentences about challenging or boring topics makes a huge difference in comprehension

Don’t Read Stuff You Don’t Like

Imagine reading a Shakespeare novel or research paper? That’s NOT easy!

But if you actually chose a book because you’re interested in the topic you could easily listen and retain just as much of it as reading.

In fact, there’s little difference between listening comprehension and reading comprehension IF the book is something you WANT TO learn. And I’d hope it is!

This reminds me of when I was 10 years old my mom wanted me to learn the piano.

I wasn’t interested, but took the lessons every week to please her.

After 3 months, I could barely play a song without hitting a bunch of wrong keys. 

However, when I was 17 I bought my first bass guitar because I wanted to learn rock songs. I spent hours on that AXE every day learning the bass lines from U2 songs. It’s because I was passionate about rock and roll. Curiosity, interest, and passion make a HUGE difference in comprehension and learning.

Here’s something else to think about…

Are you reading books to pass a test, or reading for knowledge and to develop your listening skills? 

Here’s the reality. We spend 45% of our time listening in every day life versus 16% reading.

And if you’re in sales and marketing or have a business, your job is to listen critically to your prospects and customers.

Listening is a high income skill.  Because the better you are at listening, the more you’ll be able to empathize with your prospects and offer them the best solution to their business problem.

Audiobooks and physical books or ebooks are pretty much similar in terms of reading comprehension. Reading or listening is no different than taking the bus or taking your car to the office. You’ll still get to the office, you just chose just a different transportation method.

So, now I’ve shown you how you can retain just as much knowledge by listening as reading… That being… as long as you’re interested in the topic and it wasn’t written by Shakespeare or explaining the theory of relativity. Isn’t that awesome?

For me, there’s no better way to consume audiobooks than through an audible.com membership. And that’s what I’d recommend a free trial.

Secret #3 You Can Take Amazing Notes While Listening To Books Even Without A Pad Or Pen

One of the things I’ve always done while reading (before switching to audiobooks) was to highlight the golden nuggets in books and take notes.

After all, I wanted to remember all the important lessons.

When I switched to audio books I realized there was no way to do that. 

What I accidentally learned is that, you CAN take notes while listening to audio books. Excellent notes, in fact.

One evening while talking to my wife, I said something that accidentally activated Apple’s Siri on my iphone.

I had asked my wife about the weather in Sydney Australia as we were planning a trip there.

Siri answered my question about the weather. I literally jumped out of my skin upon hearing her voice because my phone was 6 feet away on the kitchen counter. 

I checked my iphone and Siri transcribed the the answer.

Speech Recognition To The Rescue

This got me thinking…

What if while I was listening to an audiobook I could pause the book and voice dictate the golden nuggets I just learned from that book even as I listened? So I looked found an app on the i-phone. 

Since that Siri moment. I’ve been using Google docs to voice dictate key points I hear in my audiobooks. You can also use Notes, or whatever you want.

The voice dictation is flawless. Even while I’m speaking fast, as long as I enunciate correctly.

What’s even better than voice dictating from my audiobook to google docs is… after I’ve finished the audiobook I can search for a topic around all the notes I took from that book using the command find key on my Apple AirBook

This is way better, faster, and more accurate note taking than having to sift through pages upon pages of my handwritten chicken scratch notes from dozens of journals.

I can store all my notes in my i-phone instead of scouring through pages upon pages of journals to find a single idea I wrote down in a notebook.

Pretty cool, huh?

So let me ask you a question?

If you followed what I showed you in secret #1 and could consume 50 books in a year without having to physically read them, then you took what I showed you in Secret #2 and listen to through audible to retain the knowledge of those 50 books, and then you used Secret #3 to take perfect, detailed, and easy to find notes, do you think you could consume 50 books in a year, get smarter,  and get promoted or earn more money?

You’re probably wondering about the cost of audiobooks if you were to read 4 per month..

Well,  I did some research and learned the average new best selling business book on Amazon sells for about $22 USD, so $14.95 an audible book is 30% less. I recently learned that Audible is an Amazon company.

I’m thinking of moving up to the platinum audible membership where I can get 24 books in a year for just $9.50 per audiobook. I can keep my audiobooks, even if I cancel my audible subscription. I don’t lose them. And I can even exchange my audio books if I start reading one and don’t like it. Can’t beat that!

Here’s what you need to know about an AUDIBLE membership:

1.) It’s free for 30 days, 14.95 per month thereafter.

2.) You get 1 credit a month—good for any audiobook, any price.

3.) Keep your audiobooks, even if you cancel with audible. You don’t lose them.

4.) Save 30% on any additional audiobook buys.

5.)Exchange any audiobooks you don’t love, anytime.

Final Thoughts

I hope this blog post has given you some insight into the incredible amount of knowledge you can soak up listening to up to 50 audiobooks per year, JUST like a CEO.

Leave a comment below and let me know what business or self help book you’re reading and what is the single best take away you got from that book.

By the way…

If you click on the audible banner below and test drive a free 30 day audible membership I  do get paid an $8 one-time commission if you later decide to purchase.

How To Get Prospects To Open Your Emails Without Sounding Spammy And Stalky?

So a lot of sales reps are using email open tracking.

But what about email scheduling?

If studies show the best times to reach prospects are between 8-9 am and 4-5 pm…

Why would you send emails any other time? The more we prospect outside our control, the less opportunities we create.

Sending out cold emails at those times is far more effective than manually sending through the day.

Now here’s the thing…

If you want to increase your chances of connecting with them… then do this:

1. Batch send a bunch of cold emails to qualified people
2. Use an open tracker or sales CRM like Copper or YesWare to see which recipients actually open the email.
3. When they open that email call them.

Some sales reps the moment, they get a notification their prospect has opened it.

I prefer not to do this. Its kind of stalky behaviour.

Just because someone opened your email doesn’t mean that they care about what you sent them, that they’re interested, or that they even read the email. Many people open an email only to delete it.

You may have just had a a really good subject header, your messaged didn’t interest them.

But HOW can’t tell if your message interested them can you.

As far as I know there isn’t heatmapping software out there that shows how much of your email they read. Wish there was!

So, I personally wouldn’t call immediately after your email is open.

Some sales reps might get wise and say…

Well, what if I included a link and they clicked it? That would be a sign they’re interested and justify calling them.

That could be true. But I don’t put links in cold emails. I get permission first. When you do…. it’s spammy.

So you don’t want to be a stalker by calling the second they open your email.
And you don’t want to be spammy by including a link…

So, what’s the point of sending them the email then if you have no way to know if they’re interested in your message.


Wait for a response.

Now I’m not suggesting waiting a day, or a week… Because if you don’t get a response within an hour of them opening it, it’s unlikely you will get one later..

Ideally you want to get a response within an hour of them opening it…

If you don’t, I’d guess your email doesn’t create curiosity.

It could also be too long.

It could be too pitchy.

It could require them to take a next step they’re not ready for yet. Like asking the for a discovery call or demo. Or telling them to call you.

There are a host of reasons why they don’t respond.

If you the kind of sales rep who wants to take matters into your own hands and find out if they’re really interested or not… be careful…

When you call them… and ask about the email you sent them…. you might get these two responses:

Response #1: “I didn’t get any email from you.”

Response #2: “I saw your email, but I’m not interested.”

And then what?

You have to pitch yourself again…


You start overcoming objections, which creates sales resistance. Remember, they weren’t interested, which is why they didn’t respond in the first place….

Be careful with the follow up call.

Bottom line:

When you call a prospect who opened your email, don’t have a lot of expectations. Don’t act based on your best-case assumptions

That they opened it and even read it.

That they opened it and were even interested.

That they can even connect the email with your name, company and product when you call…

Ideally when prospecting by email you want to get a response from your email. That’s the point of sending it.

You shouldn’t have to follow up with a phone call.

What makes you think they’ll respond more positively through a cold call?

Point is…

Just keep sending emails with actionable insight, and build awareness and good will with prospects over time. That way they get to know, like and trust you.

Ask permission to share links.

Send them invites to stuff, like webinars, lunch and learns, events…

Show value. Be cool.

Don’t be spammy and don’t be stalky…

Is cold calling still a numbers game?

One of the most famous sayings in sales is…

“Cold calling is a numbers game.”

Because when you make 50 calls, you’ll connect with some, and demo to one, right?

Fact is…

It’s naive to apply such simplification to today’s sophisticated market.

This is because at 50:1 in 2019…

Not enough demos will turn into not enough proposals.


Not nearly enough proposals will turn into not enough customers.

What the NEW most famous saying in sales should be is…

“Cold calling is a performance game…”

Because when you’re NOT sharing actionable insight with bonafide buyers, at the right time, consistently, here’s what  happens…

Those 50 pitches you keep spewing for 5 hours every single day… will NEVER amount to more than ONE. (demo that is)

Just imagine what two, three more could do for YOU.

Should I leave my prospect a voicemail or hang up?

Every day I get 5-7 calls from unfamiliar numbers.

I rarely pick up.


Because friends, family, and customers leave messages when they can’t reach me. Telemarketers almost never.

Telemarketers have conditioned me to not pick up my phone.

Because when I do, I get pitched. Not fun.


If you think voice messages aren’t effective, what message are you sending prospects when you DO NOT leave them?

Prospect recognizes your number.

Prospect ignores your number.

Prospect blocks your number.

When you rethink voicemail and start sending quality ones…

You create awareness and build value and goodwill over time

Savvy marketers buy advertising to build value + goodwill with custom audiences to achieve this.

You can do the exact same thing for free.


You can keep hanging up.

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How do I respond to a prospect who asks about price?

Imagine we met at a networking event.

I say…

“Hi. I’m Trevor.”

You say…“

Before I reveal my name, could I ask you some questions?”

Think I’d trust you?

This seems dramatic, but it happens on discovery calls.

Executive agrees to talk with a sales rep.

After a couple of ‘off the shelf’ discovery questions executive grows bored and asks…

“What’s your price?”

Sales rep responds…

“Could I understand your needs a bit better? Then I’ll customize a proposal and send it tomorrow.

“Here’s a fact:

58% of prospects want to talk price on the very first call.

Give them your price range. Lowest to highest. On the first call.

Because in sales…

The rule is…

And always will be…

GIVE to get NOT get to give.

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How can I reduce sales resistance with my prospect?

Every Monday colleagues ask us…

“How was your weekend?”

We respond with…


Sometimes they follow up with…

“What did you do?”

Sometimes they don’t.

Point is…

They only ask if they FEEL like it.

This is called indifference.

One of the keys to success in B2B sales is practiced indifference.

Indifference is the opposite of neediness.

For instance…

The more you appear to need the sale, the less likely your prospect will trust you and the harder it will be to sell.


Always act like you’re okay with the outcome of the sales cycle. Even if you don’t get the sale.

This means:

Be enthused about your product.

Be enthused about its benefits.

Be enthused about the offer.


Never be enthused about what your prospect agrees to. That’s irrelevant.

For instance…

Let’s say your prospect agrees to a meeting request…

Don’t say…

“Thank you so much!”


“That’s awesome! Really looking forward to it.”

This is because…

You need to be indifferent with your prospects.

They’ll trust you more, become more attracted to you, and be more compelled to work with your company.

Learn to be indifferent. It makes a BIG difference.

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How often should I follow up with prospects?

During coaching calls sales reps and their managers talk a lot about…


Manager to rep…

“Did you follow up with them?”

“What’d they say?”

“What are the next steps?”


What if your prospect isn’t ready to take the next step? Then what?

Your default is to schedule a call back reminder in 30 days.

Nothing wrong with this.

It’s just…

30 days is long between touches, isn’t it?

And you don’t want to sound “needy” by badgering them every week, right?

So, how do you add value between 30 day call backs?

With Actionable Insight.

Week 1: Send AI 4 pm Tuesday

Week 2: Send AI 4 pm Tuesday

Week 3: Send AI 4 pm Tuesday

Week 4: Make CB 4 pm Tuesday


There’s no better way to distinguish yourself in a pit of competitors than by sharing actionable insight, at the exact same time every week..

Reps disciplined enough to do this close 50% more sales than those who don’t.

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