20% of your emails are hitting your prospect’s spam folder. Here’s what to do about it

I was recently asked by a smart, over-achieving sales executive what my click/response rates were with a one-liner email?

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Do you want to measure your prospect/client email response rates?

Account Executive: It was more important at my last job where you would be contacting 100s if not 1000s of people.

Me: I guess the first thing is to determine if your B2B emails are even getting opened by prospects/clients. A lot of emails just hit the spam folder of companies, so you’re prospects don’t even see them, let alone open or click them. It can be a wasted effort. If you send 3 emails and they don’t even get opened (according to your email tracking software,) they’re probably hitting the spam folder.

Account Executive: Good point. Thanks for the tip and nice to connect. All the best!


Cold email outreach can be a big waste of time if more than half of your emails are hitting your prospect’s spam folder.

What to do?

Get permission to send your prospect an email first.

How to do it?

The only way to get permission is to provide value via snail mail, leave a voice message, or connect via LinkedIn first.

It’s not until you’ve done one of the three actions above (while delivering value), will you be able to send them an email that gets opened.

Once you’ve delivered value via snail mail, voicemail or LinkedIn…. then ask them (through one of those channels) to check their spam folder and whitelist your upcoming email message to their inbox.

Congratulations, you’re now an invited guest at the dinner table!

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