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Over the past 20 years, Trevor has co-founded one of the first foreign invested startups in Seoul, Korea, sold at the highest level inside the Fortune 500, closed millions of dollars of corporate training, digital advertising, human capital management software, and executive search deals in Canada and popularized the concept of a stoic mindset that helps entrepreneurs and executives achieve unstoppable growth .

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Here’s What High Performers Say
About Trevor and Stoic Sales Minds

“Trevor, I shared your advice with my director of sales today. He not only agrees, he’s already discussed this with the appropriate people, and it looks like I’ll be getting the content I need to send to prospects. It’s already in the pipeline!”  – Matej Ristic, Business Development Manager – Viareport

“I’ve only been in a KAM role for just over a year. Your tips have been helpful. Thank you.”

Michael S. | LG Electronics

“My manager recommended that I connect with you in order to follow your sales advice.”

Joshua M. | Moneris

“Big fan of your content. It’s always valuable and insightful. Please keep writing!”

Connor L.  | Amazon Web Services

“Really appreciate your posts, Trevor. Genuine, apt, and always helpful. Keep it up.”

Joseph Gougeon Account Executive | Indeed

“Explored examples of your thought leadership around the art of sales. Enjoyed your material.”

Jeremy R. | ThinkResearch

“I love your posts as well, very fact heavy which I like.”

Cory L.  | ADP


50 Books A Year Without Reading

Did you know the average CEO reads 50 books per year while the average employee reads just 12?

In this blog post I’m going to show how you…

How you can gobble up the knowledge of 50 books in one year – without having to read a single page.


Master These 6-Figure Skills

The #1 question I keep getting asked again and again from people who want to get a high paying job or start a high ticket business from scratch is…

“What skills are the most crazy in demand these days, and what’s the best way to learn, acquire, and stack them?”


Motivation Is A Myth. Do This Instead.

For hundreds of years schools, universities, and corporations have tried to motivate us with the carrot and stick method.

I’m here to tell you that, motivation, rewards, and even accountability don’t work.


Trevor trains Virgin Canada’s team of executives in Toronto.

Stoic Sales Minds  Is Awesome!” Tony Robbins
Stoic Sales Training – Virgin Canada
Trevor and Arlene Dickinson 




Pushes through overwhelming obstacles


Converts knowledge and experiences into solutions


Unfazed by personal or professional setbacks


Demonstrates empathy and honesty in relationships